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If Your Company is Growing, You Need to Take Advantage of this Offer…

People-Trak would like to extend to you a special multi-level discount for the purchase of additional active employee records.

10% Off – 50 Records
15% Off –
100 Records
20% Off –
200 + Records

To take advantage of this offer, contact us at the number listed below. We will provide a price quote to fit your growing needs. This offer is limited and will expire July 31st, 2012.


Helpful Hints:

If you find you are getting close to exhausting your current active record count, you may want to double check that you have inactivated your terminated records properly. 

If you are in version 8, when terminating an employee record, be sure to uncheck not only the “Active” button on the Status screen, but also the “Active” button on the Personal screen. Please remember to check not only records in your Active data base, but also in your Archive data base. If you have multiple companies set up in multiple data bases, check each company separately. The total active records you have purchased, is combined, not per company.

If you are utilizing People-Trak’s version 7, you must uncheck the “Active” button on the Status screen and set a date in the “Termination Date” field.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you have properly inactivated all past employee records, and will give you a true record count so you won’t be purchasing additional records that may not be needed.

Please contact an Account Executive at
[email protected] or 800-809-5731 Ext. 227
for pricing and additional information.


    Program Interfaces

Program Interfaces are useful for standardizing the exchange of information between People-Trak and another software product, most popular being Payroll.

Interfaces save time by eliminating duplicate data entry, they improve accuracy by preventing data entry errors, and they perform consistently, giving you peace of mind that your data is synchronized.

There are two different types of interfaces: Import and Export, and both can be either simple or complex.

An Import Interface moves data from your payroll software or other product into People-Trak.

An Export Interface moves data from People-Trak into your payroll software or other product.

To learn more about custom Interfaces, click the button below.