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From the Top

By Jim Witschger, CEO

It has been a very busy first quarter for 2013. We have launched our new communication program, we have launched our training credits program, and we have been shipping and installing People-Trak Version 9. Thus, we feel it is time to slow down and take a “time out”.

Many of you have indicated through your support reps that you need a slower paced, more detailed introduction to Version 9 and that you would like to learn about the products in smaller, more easily digested chunks. We agree and it is our goal during this “time out” period to provide this.

First, while many of you have taken our “V9 Enhancement Class”, we understand that the pace during those six hours is torrid. It is feature after feature after feature and you are left wondering how to use the feature, if you own the feature, and what is the benefit of that feature in your day to day use of the product. So, we have broken up the class into smaller segments with a slower pace, greater detail and an emphasis on how you can utilize these features daily. We are also making certain that our Version 7 users, who face the greatest change, become comfortable with features introduced in Version 8, that have been substantially enhanced in Version 9. These mini-V9 classes will be offered throughout April/May slot and are absolutely free. The course descriptions and schedule for these new classes can be found here.

Second, People-Trak University (PTU) has been expanded to include a new Continuing Education Series. Some of these classes are new, but many are excerpts from the much larger classes and are thus presented in a shorter, more easily digested form. This series of classes will continue to grow, but for April/May slot, we will be offering the first 10 classes. Normally, these classes would require a training credit per class. However, in April/May slot, these classes will be absolutely free. This is all part of our “time out” program. Each of the 10 classes will be taught twice to accommodate scheduling requirements. All you have to do is pick the class and the time and “attend” via the virtual classroom. You can attend any or all of the 10 classes at no cost.

In subsequent slots, the Continuing Education Series will be expanded and our goal is to offer the entire curriculum over a continuous two-slot period (half the series one slot, and the second in the next slot, then repeat). Each class will require the use of training credits (you get six free each year) or a nominal fee if you have exhausted your credits. We will treat the enrollment as a purchase (even with the use of training credits) and there will be a formal enrollment process so everything is handled correctly. While there are no fixed prerequisites for individual classes, you may wish to consult with your support rep when you enroll to make certain the material will be at the right level, neither too remedial nor too technical.

Third, People-Trak University has been expanded to include our new Extension Courses. Extension Courses are free webinar classes. Other than letting us know you are attending via a simple registration process, you just show up in the virtual classroom and learn new things. (The new, slower and more detailed V9 classes are being offered under the Extension Course program.) Extension Courses will be announced and offered on a random basis and they may vary in length. For example, sometimes we set out to write a tip and the material takes 20 minutes. That is too much for a tip so we convert the tip into a “workshop” and offer it under the Extension Course program. Many extension courses are planned and will be announced as they become available.

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