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From the Top

By Jim Witschger, CEO

Last year we announced the training credits program. You may or may not have seen the email, but you can find it here. For a variety of reasons, including resources and the availability of version 9, this program did not gain traction. Now, however, we are ready. We have the program, we have the courses, and you have the credits.

To recap the program, each customer will receive six (6) training credits per year that can be applied or redeemed against People-Trak training services. Each credit is worth about one (1) hour of training services or about $100 in training service costs. The primary goal of the training credits program is to provide continuing education in People-Trak at little or no cost to you. It is our goal to offer a wide range of courses each training period (five weeks). These will be seminar style courses that will cover common/frequently requested subjects as well as advanced features. The courses will be offered over the web with a live instructor. Training credits are redeemed when enrollment is made. Attendance is not taken and thus enrollment cashes the credit whether you actually attend or not.

Training credits can also be used to complete standard training courses at a discount. For example, let’s say that you finally get the budget for a new assistant. You want the assistant to help with vital People-Trak functions, but your new assistant does not know People-Trak and you do not have the $995 fee in your budget. Well, if you can spring for $395, you can apply your six training credits and place your assistant into the next available class. Four weeks later, your assistant will be showing you how to use People-Trak more effectively!

Training credits do not carry over at the end of the year; you cannot save or accrue them. The goal, as indicated above, is to provide for continuing education so that you can use People-Trak effectively. It does little good to save your credits for three years so that you can eventually purchase a course, when you could have taken advantage of 18 separate short courses over the same period.

The courses and schedule for the next few months can be found on the training page of this newsletter.

See the Mailbox section for additional information about this exciting new program.


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