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From the Top

By Jim Witschger, CEO

Welcome to 2013. I hope you are enjoying the 2013 calendar mousepad we sent you for Christmas. If you did not receive a mousepad, please contact your support representative and get one… while supplies last. Our graphic artist, Janet Jacobus works hard every year to create the design for these pads and we love her work. I hope you do, too.

Among our many goals for 2013 is to organize our customer communication and to provide as much useful information and education as we can. Each week, your customer support rep will send you a brief email. This email will provide the rep’s schedule for the week, a link to our weekly blog, reminders of any special offers, and a link to the special feature for the week. Because the email is short and because the content is linked, you can ignore everything beyond your customer support rep’s schedule, if you wish. However, we think you will find that the information we provide will assist you in maximizing your use of People-Trak. We will do our best to make you and your HR function more visible, more viable, and more valuable this year and in the years to come.

The special features noted in the weekly email will revolve around a five week schedule:

  • Week 1: Newsletter
  • Week 2: Video Quick Tip
  • Week 3: Customer Success story or article
  • Week 4: Video Quick Tip
  • Week 5: People-Trak Workshop

People-Trak Workshop is a cross between a video tip and a webinar. It will provide about 15 minutes of detailed instructions on how to use features in People-Trak to obtain extraordinary results with the least amount of work. The first workshop is entitled “The Ultimate Birthday Report”, but do not let that name fool you. We will take the generic birthday report, which has value unto itself, and we will turn it into a valuable tool for employee retention.

Concurrent with this newsletter, we are beginning our blog (my first post: “Facebook and Twitter for Business? Really?”). The blog will be published weekly and will contain a variety of articles and opinions on human resources related issues. While the blog will be authored by members of our staff, the blog is not about People-Trak, but may certainly include anecdotes about what we have learned in our 22 years in the HR software business. The blog will be provocative and will give you cause to think. I hope you enjoy it.


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This week’s blog:

“Management vs. Leadership– String Theory”

If you watch the hilarious sitcom The Big Bang Theory, you have probably heard the term “string theory.” Well, this is the “String Theory of Management.” Read more

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