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Version 5.0 Features List
Version 5.0 of all People-Trak products will be available in March, 2000. If you are a current user of People-Trak and would like to be one of the first to receive this new version, please call the technical support line and schedule an upgrade appointment: 800-273-3760. People-Trak Version 5.0 will retain all of the performance and features of the current version and will also include the following new features.

Language Upgrade. People-Trak 3.x was developed in Visual Basic 3. People-Trak version 5.0 is being developed in Visuable Basic 6.

Access Database. The xBase database is being replaced with a 32 bit version of Access. This provides far greater flexibility, complete SQL compliance, and future scalability to the robust SQL Server database for large scale implementations.

Office 97 User Interface. The new user interface takes its cue from Office 97 and Windows 98. It is state of the art and more importantly: familiar and comfortable.

Enhanced security. All user security has been switched from a heirarchical method to a binary method. This provides for even more flexibilty and control. The interface for establishing security is very simple point and click.

Complete New Help Engine. The Help Engine is entirely new along with the Help itself. Help for customized fields can still be changed to reflect that customization.

New Customization Features. You may now change both the length of fields and the type of field. For example, if you wanted the middle initial field to be 20 characters instead of 1, you can change it. If you wish to change a currency field to a date field, you can do it.

Improved Document Viewer. The document viewer now has extensive editing capabilites so that you can modify a report before actually printing. External headers allow you to change font sizes and modify the document without causing page overflow and underflow problems. External headers are translated to MS Word if you wish to modify the document within Word. Columnar reports can be output directly to MS Excel.

Improved Form and Letter Editor. The new document editor allows Word like capability. You may now create forms with full tabbing, font changes, lines, and insertable pictures.

Salary Batch Processing. There are two new programs for salary batch processing. One program allows you to make salary changes in a batch where the changes are unique per employee. The other program allows you to make bulk changes using a query and a formula. For example, if you wish to update all members of a union with a 5% increase, you can do it in one pass while automatically creating salary history.

Alternate Compensation History. A new grid on the compensation screen tracks bonus and commission history. A button allows you to calculate an annualized salary by adding the base rate for the year to the sum of the bonuses and commissions.

This is just a sample of the many, many new features in the 32 bit version. Look for additional details in the weeks to come.


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