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Facts Every Employer Should Know:

– False Employement Applications are submitted by 1 out of every 3 job applicants.
– Employee Theft causes 3 out of every 10 business failures.
– Embezzlement accounts for property loss averaging over $125,000 per incident.
– Workplace Violence costs employers an estimated 4.2 billion dollars per year!

So, How is your Hiring Process? Compare:

Violence: After only four days on the job, an employee robbed and killed a customer. On his application form, he answered No to the question, Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Later investigation revealed that he was a fugitive convicted of aggravated violence.

Drunk Driving: After a short time on the job, a drunken delivery driver smashed the company van into a group of senior citizens. Since he was the son of a friend of the company’s president, the driver was hired after only a cursory interview and without any record checks. Later, a criminal records search revealed that the driver had recentlly been convicted on several counts of Driving Under the Influence.

Harassment: A fast food manager’s subordinate complained that the manager was harassing her. The employer took no action until a second employee complained about the harassment. Upon finally checking into the mananger’s employment history, the employer discovered that a previous employer (not listed on the manager’s job application) had fired the manager for on-the-job harassment.

These cases demonstrate the tortious conduct of Negligent Hiring, which makes an employer liable for hiring an unfit applicant.

Similar liability-generating scenarios involve:

Negligent Retention – which makes an employer liable for retaining an unfit employee.
Negligent Referral – which gives a misleading employment history, often due to an employer’s inadequate method of employment screening.
Respondent Superior – which makes an employer vicariously liable for harms inflicted by a negligent employee.

These and many other problems cost unsuspecting employers huge amounts of time, money, and goodwill. By utilizing our services, you virtually eliminate these costs because you reliably screen out those applicants and employees who are likely to cause them.

Interested? Of course you are. So, implement a Comprehensive Employment Screening program today with ADREM Profiles. For quick startup information, click here:



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