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"The software provides the capability of creating an unlimited number of uniquely designed reports, incorporate mail merge features, and has import/export features compatible with word processors and spreadsheets."

Billie Marney, Chocolate Bayou FCU

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After buying People-Trak, Donna was immediately able to utilize Technical Difference’s support staff. "They have responded to my needs in a very timely manner and have always been courteous to me and interested in the issue at hand."

Donna Glass, Superior Court of Mendocino County

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"I feel that EPI and People-Trak have the same priorities. Both companies are committed to providing a full spectrum of service by not losing sight of the big picture. It takes more than good products to make a real mark in today’s corporate world. People-Trak sees the light, and that’s why I like doing business with them."

Larry Hill, Empire Pacific

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Immediately Diane was impressed by People-Trak’s "flexibility and user friendliness". She was equally as excited about her training held at People-Trak’s headquarters and when ever she needs help she can rest assured that there is team of technical support representatives ready and waiting to help. "Technical support (Derek Rogers) is outstanding."

Diane Murphy, Accuship

 "I am absolutely thrilled with the product. The features available (especially the ability to run reports off of any field in the database) and the degree to which fields can be customized makes the People-Trak system and absolute joy to work with."

Stephen Fry,

 "Finding People-Trak is my most proud accomplishment since coming into the human resource field. I am sincerely honest (and not exaggerating one bit) when I say that it is refreshing and simply delightful experience to work with such a professional and customer-oriented organization. People-Trak and Technical Difference has simplified my life and given me the opportunity to provide the Senate staff with a top-notch system for tracking employee information."

Deirdre Ciabattoni
Office of the Secretary, U.S. Senate

 "We used an Evaluation Matrix to rank the leading HRIS products that were appropriate for our needs. People-Trak came out on top, and using the system fro almost a year has certainly validated our choice."

Patricia Klotz, CSUSM Foundation

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