Year 2000 Compliance

The current 16-bit version of People-Trak utilizes a DBase database structure. The Dbase structure supports storage of an explicit 4 digit year. Thus, there are no problems such as those encountered on older mainframe systems where data storage provided for only a two digit year.

Data Entry
At the current time, People-Trak data entry fields for date fields are based on the mm/dd/yy format that does not allow for the capture of the century. However, People-Trak uses a simple logic formula to determine which century will actually be stored in the DBase formatted field. This logic has proven to be perfectly acceptable thus far and we have had no issues regarding year 2000 dating.

The Future
In forthcoming version of the software, we are modifying all date fields to the mm/dd/ccyy format. We have designed a special data entry format that will enable users to enter dates in the fastest possible way and yet still allow the explicit entry of the century.

Example: Upon entry of ‘new’ dates, the century will default to the current century. After the user has entered the day, the cursor will jump over the century and position to the first year digit. The user can then finish the date, accepting the default century, or the user can backspace and override the default century to the desired value.

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