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Technical Difference, Inc. is a privately held corporation and publishes People-Trak; a PC based Human Resource Information System for organizations with 10 to 10,000 employees. Technical Difference was founded in 1992 to address the growing need for high quality, fairly priced software in the human resources market. Since its inception, Technical Difference has grown rapidly in both market share and gross revenue. Today, People-Trak is one of the most widely installed Windows based HRIS products.

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The People-Trak product line encompasses a range of products and platforms for all your HR needs. Our HR modules include Personnel Management, Time and Attendance, COBRA, Safety Management, Applicant Tracking, Position Control, and Training Administration. People-Trak can operate on your desktop, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), through your browser (ESS), or via a client-server platform.

All People-Trak products provide advanced features and exceptional value. When compared on a feature by feature basis to our competitors, we are frequently just a fraction of the price. When asked how we can do it, our answer is always the same. The “technical difference” (hence our name) is the difference. Simply put, we can develop, maintain, and support our software better than our competitors because we offer technically advanced solutions using the latest software technology. In addition, we offer our employees many incentives to work both hard and smart. The end result is an empowered and innovative workforce that shares in the success of the organization. Our customers are always the beneficiaries of Technical Difference employees who care about your organization and theirs.

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Technical Difference provides a variety of services to its customers including technical support, software updates, software upgrades, custom programming, and database conversions. As with our products, these services are frequently priced much less than our competition. Again, this is possible due to the talents of our people and the technologies we use. Motivated individuals with the right tools can do just about anything and if there is something we cannot do, we can usually tell our customers how or where it can be done.

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As you might have guessed, Technical Difference is very picky about the people we choose. Because we offer exceptional return on investment for our employees, we seek only highly motivated results-oriented individuals. Each and every employee benefits directly in the success of the organization and thus each and every employee contributes directly.

Our Background   Our Products   Our Services   Our Future  

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Our goal is to become the leading supplier of human resources software in our market segment. Once that goal has been reached, we intend to retain that position by providing the same quality products and services that earned us the distinction in the first place. We are constantly at work questioning, refining, developing, and improving everything we do. That process will never stop.

Our Background   Our Products   Our Services   Our People  

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