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Window Manufacturers Open Windows of Opportunity with People-Trak™

Seeing the light is what the window manufacturing business is all about, and Empire Pacific Industries (EPI) has clearly seen the light when it comes to managing their human resources.

EPI produces a broad scope of window products-from horizontal sliders to patio doors, from ovals and octagons to bay and bow windows. With three facilities employing 300 people in Oregon and California, the need for effective people management is significant. Although Randy Hill, Corporate Human Resources Director, was using a database to track personnel information, he felt that he needed something more. Says Hill, "I saw an ad for People-Trak in a trade magazine. The price was appealing, so I decided to download the free demo software. Once I saw what it could do, I was sold. The combination of capabilities and affordability was too good to pass up."

Indeed, Hill is impressed by People-Trak’s flexibility. "Every conceivable piece of information I need on an employee is right at my fingertips," comments Hill. "I can track insurance benefits, COBRA information, vacations-even send an employee a birthday card if I want to-because People-Trak affords such a comprehensive database."

What’s more, Hill found the installation of the People-Trak system to be easier than he expected. "The entire process was simple from the start," he asserts. "As if that weren’t enough, the availability and effectiveness of technical support is second to none." He recalls past experiences with customer support departments. "It’s always the same old thing. You call an 800 number, maneuver through a series of voice prompts, wait forever, and finally get a warm body on the line. You explain your problem, they offer a single solution to try, fire off a case number, and hang up. If their suggestion doesn’t work, you have no choice but to repeat the process. And, of course, the next time you call you get a completely different tech. It’s tedious and unproductive-not to mention irritating and frustrating.

"With People-Trak, the process is completely different. When I call for assistance, I’m offered an immediate solution, then told to try it while the technician remains on the line. If it doesn’t work, I’m offered another option to try. The tech stays with me every step of the way, hanging in until the problem is solved. To me, that makes a world of difference."

It’s no wonder that efficiency appeals to Hill. Empire Pacific Industries is a member of the Energy Star Program, a program firmly focused on energy efficiency. One of the first manufacturers to sign an agreement with the Department of Energy, EPI is ranked among a select group throughout the country listed on the program. Their window products reduce heating and cooling bills by 15 percent, and boast 40 percent more efficiency than windows required under the many common national building codes. What’s more, EPI helps reduce air pollution, smog, and global warming by creating products that reduce the amount of energy needed to heat homes, thus limiting the burning of fossil fuels.

Concludes Hill, "I feel that EPI and People-Trak have the same priorities. Both companies are committed to providing a full spectrum of service by not losing sight of the big picture. It takes more than good products to make a real mark in today’s corporate world. People-Trak sees the light, and that’s why I like doing business with them."

Technical Difference, creators of People-Trak, is a software development company that specializes in providing programs geared to the management needs of Human Resource Departments.

Reprinted from Shelter, March, 2000.

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