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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is an ESS/MSS acessed?
2. What information is needed to access the ESS?
3. Why do I need an Employee Self-Service?
4. Will Managers have access to reports?
5. Can I post company wide information?
6. Can I restrict access to fields, report, and screens?
7. Can employees make changes without my knowledge?
8. Can I restrict access to the ESS?
9. How safe is the ESS?

1. Q: How is an ESS/MSS accessed?
A: People-Trak’s ESS/MSS can be accessed through your Corporate Intranet or the Internet. We recommend that your employees use Version 5.0 or greater of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but any browser that has Javascript and Cookies enabled will work fine.

2. Q: What information is needed to access the ESS?
A: Employees and Managers will be required to enter a username and password each time they visit the site. These are automatically generated by People-Trak when an Employee is added and can be changed at any time.

3. Q: Why do I need an Employee Self-Service?
A: Our employee self-service capabilities will empower your employees by allowing them to control their own information. In addition, these same services will reduce the administrative burden of your human resources department freeing them to focus on other value added activities.

4. Q: Will Mangers have access to reports?
A: Yes! Our Employee Self Service allows managers easy access to information concerning their direct reports such as performance reviews, training schedules, emergency contacts and much more.

5. Q: Can I post company wide information on the ESS?
A: Yes! You can make reports available such as a telephone directory, birthday list and any other reports that you can generate using People-Trak. You can also customize some of the graphics and text to suite your preferences.

6. Q: Can I restrict access to fields, reports and screens?
A: Through the People-Trak ESS Administration Module, you can turn on or shut off any of our screens and reports in the Personnel Module. You can’t turn off individual fields.

7. Q: Can employees make changes without my knowledge?
A: No! All request for changes to an employees record are first filtered through their manager and then show up in your People-Trak Inbox. There you have the option of posting the request with just one mouse-click or rejecting the request and sending a message back to the employee.

8. Q: Can I restrict access to the ESS?
A: Yes! You can restrict access to the ESS by two different methods. (1) You can set the "Enabled" flag for each user in the ESS Administration Module that tells the system whether or not to allow the employee to login. (2) You can set a list of IP Addresses (computers) that are granted or denied access to the ESS.

9. Q: How safe is the ESS?
A: The unique combination of the username and password makes the Employee Self Service as secure as any other Internet-based application. Keep in mind that the security of the system depends on keeping your password secret and regularly changing your password to help prevent unauthorized access. You should change your password every six months or so, or whenever you have reason to believe that it may have been compromised. While you are in control of the servers, People-Trak recommends that you use 128-bit encryption. This adds to the security of the system by ensuring that your username and password cannot be intercepted during the communications between your browser and the ESS web site.

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