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Process Triggers
People-Trak Process Triggers feature enables users to define a variety of actions that are to be taken when different classes of triggers are activated. For example, a field change trigger is activated when a field is changed and the conditions are met. When any trigger is activated, you may choose from a variety of actions to be executed such as: sending a message, displaying a screen, running a report, executing a procedure, updating a different field, sending an email, etc.. An example of what a field change trigger can be used for is as follows, when the status field is saved as terminated the following actions take place…
  • A message pops up saying “notify payroll that this employee is terminated so they can cut their final paycheck”
  • That employee company property screen pops up as a reminder to collect their keys, credit card, id badge or company cell phone
  • An email is sent to your benefits coordinator informing them that they need to send a COBRA offer letter to this employee
  • An email is sent to your recruiter letting them know that this employee has been terminated and that they need to hire someone to replace them.
The possibilities for these triggers are endless, and People-Trak gives you complete customization power to tailor exactly what you need for your organization to successfully automate all of your processes in one HRIS product.

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