Food Tips from a Traveling Trainer: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great staple to pack on your travels.

On early morning flights in my carry-on bag, I have a package of instant oatmeal, a spoon, my favorite morning teabag, and sweetener in a small Tupperware bowl.

When the coffee service comes by, I ask for 2 cups of hot water. First I put enough in the bowl for the oatmeal and cover it while I fix my tea.

As the cabin starts to fill with the scent of maple and brown sugar and Chai tea, I enjoy my breakfast while those around me wonder why they didn’t pack breakfast and are instead bloated on an airport breakfast burrito or counting the calories of the croissant they just woofed down with that high calorie, high-priced Starbucks beverage.

If you have time to eat at the airport, most food places will either give you a cup of hot water free or just charge you for the cup.

When I arrive at my destination late and I don’t want to fumble to find a close restaurant, I run hot water through the coffeepot and fix my oatmeal that way. It’s a great comfort food and it usually helps me sleep well.


Other things: know in advance if your hotel room has a fridge and/or microwave. That way you can pick up a few items on the way from the airport.

If your hotel has free breakfast, pick up an extra yogurt or bagel and put them in your fridge for later. If you have an old style coffee pot in your room, you can toast the bagel on the coffee burner.

Sometimes I get lunch with the clients, sometimes not. So in case I am stuck at lunch, I pick up two slices of bread, a peanut butter package, and a jelly at the breakfast bar, plus a piece of fruit. If you neglected to pack a piece of Tupperware, go down to the desk and ask for a shower cap. It will stretch over your plate and keep your bread soft until lunch.

Happy Travels!

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