Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

A little  from your friends at People-Trak…

Just a note to say some things that often go unsaid:

What you do is important, even if a lot of your hard work often goes unnoticed.

But we know you are working hard to serve all your employees and managers.

Don’t worry if they don’t notice.  You are doing a good job because you are a good person, with integrity and personal motivation.  You get it done, because you honestly care about your people and your work.  What you do matters, even when nobody else notices.  It takes all your personal strength to daily push through that work load.  And it takes courage to face the unknown and challenging situations ahead.  You’ve come this far. You can do it.

People have let you down.  Some were pretty mean about it.  But you can forgive them and move on.  Keeping accounts of all the wrongs really can clutter up your mind.  Throw that list away.  It’s Valentine’s Day, so make it an act of love.  Then, start a list of good things people did.  Review it often to inspire you to keep on hoping and working.

You’ve made a few mistakes along the way.  We all do.  You can’t go back and change them.  But do the same for yourself that you will do for others now: let it go, and instead, keep a list of the things you did right, things you are proud of.  You have made a difference, in small and big ways, and you need to remember that when it gets hard.

And remember we’re here for you,

Your friends at People-Trak

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