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The best way to understand the impact our software has had throughout our client base is to let our clients speak for us. Please read the case study below to learn how another company has utilized our software and services.

Hamilton County Sheriffs Office
After Four Years People-Trak is Still a Strong Asset

After Four Years People-Trak is Still a Strong Asset for Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Cincinnati, Ohio…It was 1999–the cusp of the new millennium. And the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), in Cincinnati, OH, had a problem. Its Human Resource Information System (HRIS) was not going to make it through the year 2000. “It was not Y2K-compliant,” says Connie Bernard, Fiscal Officer for the HCSO. “So we had to find a system to make us compliant. This was no easy feat. ”

In addition to finding a Y2K-compliant HRIS, Bernard needed to find a system that could handle the human resource and fiscal needs of her office, which employs more than 1,000 people, and hires about 100 workers a year. “We are hiring on an ongoing basis”, says Bernard. Five different unions represent the HCSO’s employees as well as handling the needs of the non-union staff members. “The various union employees have earned vacation time differently at different times of their contracts,” says Bernard. “Depending on how many years of service they have, they earn a different amount each bi-weekly pay period!”

While doing her research, Connie Bernard honed in on People-Trak, a PC-based HRIS for organizations with 10-10,000 employees. She was especially taken with the Personnel Management and Position Control modules. In the fall of 1999, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office began parallel testing the People-Trak modules and BTOS, their former system. She found the People- Trak system simple to use and very amenable to customization: “I’m not a techie so I was relieved when I found People-Trak very user friendly. We easily customized the People-Trak system to fit our needs,” she says. “We were able to make it look the way we wanted it to look and work the way we needed it to work.”

The HCSO moved onto the People-Trak system completely in December of 1999, just in time for Y2K. Connie and another staff member trained employees in the human resources functions and helped train the fiscal departments on the system. She says, “It didn’t take long to train the 13 people that work for me directly and I was pleased that it was easy for them to learn.”

“Different staff members use different screen fields for different responsibilities,” says Bernard. She and her co-worker Lynnette Stevens, Applications Analyst at HCSO, trained staffers to work on a specific People-Trak function, according to his or her job responsibility. Connie and Lynnette conducted formal staff training on the People-Trak modules for about a day. After that, Connie says, “It was more of a simple hands-on learning experience.”

Four years into the new century, Connie Bernard and the HCSO are still happily utilizing the Personnel Management and Position Control modules. “We use the Personnel Management module with great frequency. We have about 20 users on that module,” she says. “We track all the personal information on individual employee evaluations, payroll, benefits, and leave time.” The Position Control module is used to track appropriated staff positions.

Connie Bernard and her team are currently evaluating the People-Trak Applicant Tracking Module and the COBRA modules. “We have about a 100 staff member turnover a year and we have maybe 10-20 on extended leave of absence,” she says, explaining the need for the COBRA module. Additionally, the HCSO receives about 150 applications for employment per month. Managing that number of applications will make Applicant Tracking the most efficient solution for the HCSO.

“In the past we had our Data Processing Manager develop our reports. People-Trak enables us to easily run our own reports. Any information tracked in any field-can be pulled out as a report! We’ve also entered it into an Intranet site so that our employees can see what their sick and vacation day balances are.”

There’s no doubt in Connie Bernard’s mind that People-Trak has greatly benefited the HR and fiscal operations of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.


About Technical Difference, Inc. Technical Difference, Inc. is the creator of People-Trak; a PC-based human resource information system (HRIS) for organizations with 10 to 10,000 employees. The company was founded in 1992 to address the growing need for high-quality, fairly priced software in the human resources market. Since its inception, Technical Difference has grown rapidly in both market share and gross revenue. Today, People-Trak is one of the most widely installed Microsoft® Windows®-based HRIS products. Technical Difference, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Bonsall, CA.

More information about Technical Difference, Inc. can be found at or by calling 1-800-809-5731.