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People-Trak gives small companies real HR software they can actually use, at a price they can afford. Starting at just $9.95 per employee, one-time cost.

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Everything a small business needs for HR.

  • Centralize Employee Data

    People-Trak is user-friendly HR software for that serves as the primary hub of all your employee information.

    Detailed Employee Records Personal, demographics, status info, skills, work experience, company property.

    Position Details Track job, department, EEO category, salary grade, and more.

    Compensation Management Keep history of pay changes and reasons, and see salary statistics.

    Intuitive Querying Look up the records you want the moment you need them. Save favorite lookups. (No more scrounging through spreadsheets!)

    Sample Reports Average Salary by Department, Emergency Contacts, Workforce Distribution by Ethnicity, Turnover by Reason, EEO reports

  • Gain Insight with HR Reports

    Over 100 ready-to-run HR Reports Get past mere data collection, and move into analysis. People-Trak offers an extensive library of adhoc and government reports.

    Easy to Customize With the People-Trak report writer, it’s easy and intuitive to query the information you need, and set report definitions on the fly. You can report on any field within People-Trak, and save as many favorite reports as you’d like.

    Easy to Export Need a report exported to Excel? No problem. A report can be exported easily to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, or as a picture.

    Easy to Share People-Trak offers a robust emailing capability for attaching or embedding reports. a report as an attachment, or embedded in the email itself.

    Letter & Label Editor With People-Trak, you can create and print letters, labels (Avery, etc.), and other templates containing data from your employee records.

  • Track Employee Timeoff

    Time & Attendance within People-Trak HRIS provides an accurate and easy to use feature for managing employee time off.

    Automatic Accruals Set your accrual periods, automatic rollover, and automatic bumping of accrual levels at the specified month.

    Process Time-off in Batches Process absences for all your absent employees in a broad stroke with batch processing.

    Estimate Future Time-off A tool for easily answering employee requests about their accounts.

    Sample Reports 3-Month Attendance Calendar, Absences by Department, Monday Absences Trend Analysis

  • Benefits Tracking

    Dental, medical, retirement, disability? HMOs, PPOs? Set up all your programs, plans, and rates, and track who is signed up for what with People-Trak. (Track future enrollment with HR Essentials.)

    Sample Reports Benefit Plan Enrollment by Plan, Employee Benefit Cost, Payroll Deduction Reconciliation


    Track your COBRA recipients, qualifying events, benefit programs, plans, rates, and payment history.

    Sample Reports Payment History by Participant, Recipient Count by Age, Stop Reason Analysis

  • Safety Management

    If your workplace is accident-prone, it is essential to keep track of all the details surrounding safety incidents and accidents with People-Trak.

    Track OSHA Details Allows production of OSHA 300, OSHA 300A and OSHA 301 reports at any time. Details include the incident result, fatalities, lost days, restricted days and summaries regarding the incident.

    Worker’s Compensation Track costs for rehabilitation, liability, medical, and more.

    Get Insight Use our reports to help you schedule training, pinpoint problem areas, control costs, and take corrective action where needed.

    Sample Reports OSHA forms, Claim Cost Summary, Incident Distribution by Injury

  • Flexible Security

    Your sensitive employee data is only accessible by logging in. The People-Trak license allows for multiple users, and the administrator will have complete control over other users’ levels of access.

    Module Security Want a user to just access a particular module, like Attendance? No problem.

    Screen Security Keep particular screens private if you choose.

    Field Security Point-and-click settings toggle between Full Access, Display-Only, and No Access.

  • & Time-saving Features

    People-Trak HRIS software solves many of those tedious data-entry tasks, sets reminders for important dates, and automates many HR processes.

    Alerts and Reminders Upcoming employee anniversary? Check. Year-end reports? Check. You'll stay on top of it all with alert and reminders.

    Batch Processing Do data-entry for a group of records all at once to save time.

    Email Capabilities Email straight out of People-Trak, and share reports.

    Other Features

    • Attachments (10 per record)
    • Field Customization
    • Import/Export Data

Affordable & scalable pricing. One-time cost.

Per employee, one-time cost.

This scaled-down product offers tracking & reporting, and the introductory features for automating HR.

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  • Includes:
  • Personnel Mgmt, Compensation Mgmt, Timeoff Mgmt, Benefit/COBRA Admin, & Safety Mgmt
  • 100+ HR Report Templates
  • Recommended for 10 – 50 employees
    (Minimum purchase of 50 records)
  • 10 attachments per record
  • Up to 5 HR users
  • MS Access database
  • Possible add-ons: n/a

Most popular
Per employee, one-time cost.

Our flagship Essentials product is meant to meet the needs of HR professionals at small & midsize companies.

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  • Everything in LT, plus:
  • More robust tracking, reporting, process automation, & auditing
  • 200+ HR Report Templates
  • Recommended for 50 – 1,000 employees
    (Minimum purchase of 50 records)
  • 10 attachments per record
  • Unlimited HR users
  • SQL database
    (more powerful storage & processing)
  • Possible add-ons: Position Control, Training Admin, Payroll Interface
Per employee, one-time cost.

Strategic features take you to a high level of customization to more fully and accurately streamline HR processes.

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  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Make your own fully customizable workflows with custom screens & processes
  • Custom report calculations using derived fields
  • Recommended for 100 – 5,000 employees
    (Minimum purchase of 50 records)
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Unlimited HR users
  • SQL database
  • Possible add-ons: Position Control, Training Admin, Payroll Interface

*All products require first year training and implementation for an additional cost.

Minimum purchase of 50 employee records. Purchased in increments of 50 thereafter.

Product add-ons are priced at $4.95 per employee. Call for interface pricing.

See our comprehensive Product Details to compare packages.

Dedicated training & support.

Training & Support

Implementation An implementation specialist will assist you in installing, data import, and settings for your success with People-Trak.

People-Trak University Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our training programs will walk you through People-Trak.

Ongoing Education We offer frequent webinars and video tips to learn how to best use People-Trak features.

Assigned Support Representative Your direct contact for all your People-Trak questions, available via phone, email, or website. He or she will support your right from our headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Support Website FAQ, documentation, video Quick Tips, and more are right at your fingertips.

Tech Specs

Installed easily on your PC or server. People-Trak is installed on your PC or server, so all your data is stored and accessed locally. Your data resides in SQL or Access databases at your site.

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8.

Server (for multiple users) Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2012.

SQL Server SQL Server 2008 or later, or SQL Server Express (free). SQL not required for People-Trak LT product.

Reference Sheets

Basic Features

System Requirements

Success with hundreds of small businesses.

quote I’m not a techie, so I was relieved when I found People-Trak very user friendly. We easily customized the People-Trak system to fit our needs. It enables us to easily run our own reports… any information tracked in any field can be pulled out as a report!
Connie Bernard
Fiscal Officer
Sherriff’s Office

quote People-Trak is my one-stop shop for all things HR! I never have to worry when I get call to verify someone’s employment or a manager asks me for her staff’s next evaluation dates because I know all of the information I need is just a click away in People-Trak.
Michelle A. Smith
Director of Finance

quote The technical assistance has been excellent. We have a dedicated support person who is very knowledgeable and helpful. All-in-all, I am very pleased with People-Trak and would recommend it to other employers.

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