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HR Software Articles

HR Software Selection Made Easy
"Sacred Cows Gored – a very colorful white paper” by Jim Witschger, CEO of Technical Difference. Read More…
Maximize efficiency with HR Software
What is the most important resource that your business has with which to work? If your first answer wasn’t employees, then HR software may be even more vital to your business that you’d guess. Read More…
HR's Impact on the Bottom Line
In order to become strategic assets to their companies, HR departments need to focus on managing issues which directly affect the financial performance of the organization. Read More…
HR Software Myths and Legends
Myth #1: HR Software will solve all my problems. Myth #2: HR Software will eliminate jobs in the HR Department. Myth #3: HR Software is complex and thus very expensive. Read More… or PDF version …
Managing Paid Time Off
Manually tracking time off can be contentious at best. All it takes is one mistake, be it a forgotten entry or a data entry error, for the accrual and usage accounting to cause strife and ill will. Read More…
Strategic HR – the Why and Wherefore
What is different between People-Trak Essential HR (Level 2) and People-Trak Strategic HR (Level 3) and why should I consider upgrading?
Read More… PDF version…
Cobra FAQ's
There are three elements to qualifying for COBRA benefits. COBRA establishes specific criteria for plans, qualified beneficiaries, and qualifying events.
Read More…
5 Steps to choosing HR Software
Finding the right software package and the right company to help you through the conversion process is a critical step toward easing into automation. Laying out a systematic game plan that leads you through the process is a good idea. Read More…
HR Software – What we know
People-Trak HR Software has been in constant development since 1992. A wide variety of powerful and useful features have been added over the years, features that we believe can make your life easier and your work more effective. Read More…

Integration and Interfacing – Truth by Definition
The root of the word interface, “inter” can be translated as “between”. For example: “interpretation” is the effort to translate words “between” two people, “intercept” is the redirection of something between two people, and “interoperability” is the common functionality between two things.
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