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As recommended by , People-Trak is a great HR management system for small business.

You could use some back-up.

You have a monkey on your back. It’s called tracking very important employee information in spreadsheets, filing cabinets, and the dark corners of your hard-drive. The monkey rears its head when you hire a few new employees and you have to spend the afternoon gathering new hire forms, notifying payroll, and emailing welcome-aboard messages. The monkey taps your back when you get the fourth time-off request in an hour, and you still have a stack of last month’s performance appraisals to key.

You’ve done a great job getting it all done so far. But you could use some back-up.

Everyone can benefit from affordable HRIS.

Thanks to advances in technology, small organizations can implement an HRIS system to make HR more efficient and effective than in the past. People-Trak HRIS will centralize all your employee data, and help automate your HR tasks.

People-Trak's HR Essentials package offers great value for small and mid-sized companies with smaller budgets.

People-Trak HR Essentials package includes:

Comprehensive Core HRIS System for tracking all your employee data, including personnel management, benefits & COBRA administration, compensation tracking, safety management, and more.

Enterprise-class Functionality Even our base package comes with a powerful lookup, alerts, batch processing, field customization, and more.

Freedom from Spreadsheets You’ll be surprised at how much time & paper you save by moving your manual processes to an HRIS system.

Easy-to-use Reporting At People-Trak, we know reporting. Our HRIS comes with over 200 ready-to-run reports. And we make it easy for you to have full control and save your own ad hoc reports.

Security Features The administrator has complete control over what employees, managers, and other HR users see in People-Trak, from the screen-level down to individual fields.

Personal, Proactive Support Our pricing scales to you, but our support stays 100% awesome. Our team supports and trains you right from our headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Prices start at just $19.95 per employee,
one-time cost.


We recognize that one of the first dilemmas human resources faces when they try to automate is finding the budget for it.

That's why we start at just $19.95 per active employee. Our pricing ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you're working with a budget. And we've long been the leader in software performance for our price-range.

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