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HR Functionality

PeopleTrak is a full featured HR System.

Extensive contact information
People-Trak’s HRIS enables you to contact the employee by mail, home phone, work phone, cell phone, and email. You can create address lists and phone lists in seconds.
Tracks EEO and other demographics
Provides necessary information for the creation of EEO-1 reports and other reports detailing the diversity of your workforce.
Tracks emergency contacts
Provides full detail for two emergency contacts including address, home phone, and work phone. Emergency contact reports can be produced in seconds.
Unlimited company property
Assists you in keeping track of company issued property and ensures that company property is returned when an employee separates from the organization. Tracks expiration dates for company issued credit cards, etc.
Flexible status tracking
A variety of fields are provided for tracking employee status. An Active field, two status fields, and a status comment field assist you. Define two different tables of status codes.
Automatically records status history
As status changes are made, an ongoing status history is automatically recorded. This enables you to monitor and report on the status of the employee over their career.
Powerful seniority calculations
Automatic calculation of seniority years, months, days, and totals days ensures accuracy. A separate seniority exception days tracks those days that are not to be counted toward overall seniority. This enables you to keep the seniority date constant while adjusting seniority for LOA and other events that do not count toward seniority.
I-9 Document tracking
Enables you to keep track of I-9 documents and pending expiration dates. You can define reports and alerts that will notify you in advance of VISA expiration dates so that appropriate renewals can be obtained. A user-defined table of I-9 documents speeds data entry and ensures consistency.
Flexible termination tracking
Allows you to record both the termination reason and the termination type. You can group terminations for reporting to isolate trends and identify problem departments and managers.
Pre-election COBRA tracking and point and click election
Adjacent to the termination details, you can track the COBRA qualifying event and date, notification date, and election date. If the employee elects COBRA, a simple button can create a corresponding record in the COBRA module.
Tracks LOA history
Keeps a detailed history of all LOA events and totals those days that do not apply to seniority into the seniority exceptions days field. Enables you to indicate the number of work days lost and whether or not the LOA event was FMLA eligible.
Unlimited union membership
Allows you to record and track all union memberships with start and end dates for all participation.
Unlimited accrual accounts
Our HRIS allows you to define as many accrual accounts as required including vacation, sick, jury, bereavement, LOA, hours worked, etc. Accounts can be accruing or non-accruing.
Unlimited accrual rates
Define an unlimited number of accrual rates for each accruing account.
Wide array of accrual frequencies
Automate almost any attendance policy. Frequencies include hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
Define auto-bumps
Automates the time when employees are to move from one accrual level to the next. Eliminates the need for manual checking. Auto-bumping is performed during the accrual calculation process during the period specified.
Defined carryovers
Automates the annual rollover from year to another and optionally from one account to another.
Separate accrual calculations
Accruals can be calculated and reviewed prior to posting. This eliminates mistakes and allows verification of anticipated changes. Auto-bumps and rollovers are clearly indicated.
Easy posting of latest calculations
Simple point and click posting of validated calculations. Saves time and can be scheduled with the scheduling feature.
Tracks balances and accrual dates
Shows balances for all accounts including current available, accrued amount, and amount taken for the year to date.
Tracks attendance history
Shows all details for attendance events including dates, hours, and absence reasons. Optionally includes accruals and adjustments in addition to time used. Indicates time used in calendar format and allows printing of a full-year attendance calendar.
Tracks scheduled time-off
Allow employees to indicate planned time-off. Enables you to reconcile request conflicts and to produce reports indicating scheduled time off.
Tracks incident costs
Allows detailed reporting of incident costs over a variety of categories such as medical, legal, rehab, legal, indemnity, damages etc. Provides summary and detailed costs.
Enter attendance events in batches
Saves time when recording attendance events and ensures that all calculations are correctly updated to the balances. Posts attendance history directly. Produces an audit trail showing changes recorded.
Attendance Calculator
Estimate an employee’s balance for any account for a future date. Saves time during employee inquiries.
Wide array of salary frequencies
Frequencies include hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
Enter salary increases and adjustment in batches
Saves time when recording pay rate events and ensures that all calculations are correctly updated. Take a group of employees and post a Cost of Living Adjustment by percent or fixed amount using the Batch by Rate feature or post mass individual salary increases using the Batch by Employee feature. Produces an audit trail showing changes recorded.
Alert Notification
Allows you to set an alert by a specific date to notify you of future pay increases for your employees.
Statistics Sub Screen
People-Trak’s Statistics sub screen displays salaries equivalencies, such as hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, etc. It also includes a graph to show how the employee has done compensation-wise since data of hire.
Other Compensation
Other Compensation sub screen allows the tracking of pay outside the employee basic pay rate, such as bonuses, commissions, longevity pay, etc.
Compensation Reports
Use our HR software‘s powerful Report Writer to produce Compensation Information such as Average Last Change Percent, Average Salary by Department, Count by Pay Frequency, FTE Totals by Job Title, Highly Compensated Employees, Ranking by Amount of Last Change, Ranking by Percentage of Last Change, Reason for Last Change by Employee, Reason for Last Change by Reason, Salary Distribution by Age, Salary Distribution by Gender, Salary Equivalents for All Periods, Salary Grade Analysis, Salary History by Employee, Salary History for Employees Due Reviews, Salary List in Descending Order, Salary to Title History Comparison

Fully Integrated With Personnel Module
Employee participants and dependent participants are automatically moved to the COBRA Administration module following a qualifying event and subsequent election. All election details are transferred into the COBRA Administration module.
Tracks Contact Information
Monitor COBRA activities for former employees and dependents of employees who have been archived in the People-Trak HRIS system.
Tracks Demographic Details
Create detailed reports regarding COBRA activity based on age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, and marital status.
Tracks Election and Coverage Details
Report on all election information including the qualifying event, notification dates, coverage length, and the reason for stopping coverage.
Tracks Payment History
Determines when to discontinue COBRA for an employee or dependent; Allows you to query the last payment date; Produces payment history reports for account reconciliation and participant inquiries
Tracks Prior Enrollment
Allows verification of prior coverage.
Tracks Future Enrollment
Allows simultaneous entry of current plans with open enrollment for those participants active during a plan changeover; provides for reports and participant verification of enrollment prior to start of new plan year.
Enter Payment History in Batches
Saves time each month when participant checks are received; provides a detailed audit trail of payments recorded.
Tracks and Computes Administration Fee
Ensures accuracy to the cent; ensures consistency between participants; utilizes any administration override between 0 and 2 percent; calculates exact participant premium.
Tracks Performance Review history
Our HR Software keeps a detailed history of all past performance reviews. Shows the Completion date, Review Type, Performance Rating, Reviewer’s name and whether there was a salary change or not.
Performance Review Documentation
Allows you to easily attach completed Review Forms within the employee record and post unlimited notes for each review.
Future Performance Reviews
Performance reviews automatically schedules future reviews. Multiple “next reviews” are allowed for disciplinary and regular reviews.
Alerts and Reports
Alerts feature in conjunction with Future Review dates, will notify managers by auto generated emails of upcoming Performance Reviews within their departments. Reports can be scheduled and run to show whose Performance reviews are due within a specific time period.
Fully Integrated with Personnel Management Module
People-Trak’s HR software solution allows you to select from applicants when creating new hires, saving countless hours and avoiding data entry mistakes.
Fully Integrated with Position Control Module
Enables applicants to apply against current open requisitions. The list of available positions is dynamically created each time positions are applied for.
Tracks Contact Information
Enables you to contact the applicant by mail, home phone, work phone, cell phone or email.
Tracks EEO and Veteran Demographics
Assists you in meeting EEO requirements for reporting ethnicity and gender for candidates by position applied for; also assists in creating applicant flow documents that determine if you are hiring according to EEO guidelines.
Tracks Pre-Employment Drug and Physical Tests
Creates a history of those candidates who may have been offered positions and were then rejected due to failure of drug or physical tests.
Tracks Qualifications
Helps to determine if the candidate meets the requirements of the position or positions applied for. You can track education history, skills, prior employment, and professional certifications. This is extremely useful when performing candidate searches based on qualifications.
Tracks Application Progress
Monitor the status of applicants through the various stages of the recruiting process from initial contact to rejection or offer acceptance; includes offer contingencies, acceptance dates, applicant source, and assigned recruiter.
Unlimited Benefit Plans
Provides a catalog of all benefits currently offered including coverage, enrollment criteria, and premiums.
Unlimited Premium Rates for Each Plan
Specific rates can be identified by employee age bracket, smoking habits, spouse, and dependent count.
Flexible Rate Formulas
Allows you to define fixed rates or computed rates using advanced but easily setup formulas. Formulas are based on pay rates and allow rounding to a variety of levels.
Separate Open Enrollment Table
Provides a separate open enrollment table to maintain benefits plans to be offered during the open enrollment period.
Supports Concurrent Open Enrollment
Enables you to enroll employees during open enrollment without affecting current enrollment. You can enter, validate, and report on all open enrollment long before the starting date. This ensures accuracy and allows precise computation of benefit amounts long before the first statement.
Rapid open enrollment rollover
Allows you to rollover from current plans to new plans without touching individual employee records. This saves countless hours. With a few clicks on the rollover date, you can select the plans to be rolled over and all benefit records are updated immediately.
Tracks Enrollment Declinations
Enables your to record and report on those employees who have been offered benefits and declined them.
Automatic calculation of coverage and premiums
Ensures accuracy of coverage and premium amounts when employees are enrolled. All calculations are performed at enrollment and updated when employee pay rates are changed, if applicable. Separates employee and employer portions for reporting reconciliation purposes.
Calculates Premium Totals
With a single click, calculates and shows premium totals for all enrolled benefits.
Saves Prior Enrollment
Enables you to report on prior enrollment and satisfy coverage inquiries for insurance investigations.
Benefits Reconciliation Reporting
Compares all current enrollment to eligibility criteria and provides a report detailing errors and inconsistencies. Allows rapid correction of enrollment errors and ensures that you are not paying for plans above and beyond what is required by the employee.
Tracks current benefit enrollment
Allows reconciliation of carrier statements. Provides for verification of coverage.
Wide array of benefit reports
Enrollment and benefit cost reports ensure easy validation of carrier statements. Create census reports for carriers in minutes and provide statistics to the CFO.
Track participation in retirement plans
Define your own plans and enroll employees. Create participation reports and track employer matching amounts.
Set Black-Out Dates For Instructors, Equipment Facilities
Prevents scheduling of instructors, facilities, and equipment when they are not available due to vacation, travel, or routine maintenance.
Avoids Double-Booking
Instructors, facilities, equipment, and students are all checked when selected to eliminate the possibility of double-booking.
Tracks Instructor Certifications
Our HR Software allows you to control the courses that instructors can teach. Instructors cannot be selected if they are not certified to teach the course.
Validates Pre-Requisites
Student course history is compared to course pre-requisites when students are enrolled. Students who do not meet pre-requisites are denied enrollment.
Tracks Actual and Billable Costs
Enables precise cost reporting for all training related costs, including instructors, facilities, equipment, material, travel, etc. Billable costs enable you to create a precise departmental charge-back program to fund training programs.
Computes Cost of Lost Productivity
Lost productivity is computed by multiplying classroom hours by the employee’s hourly rate. This enables you to determine and report on the true cost of training.
Tracks Extensive Course Information
Create a catalog of courses that include cost, certification details, number of meetings, class duration, detailed description, pre-requisites, skills, equipment, and materials needed.
Automatically Updates Course Costs
All course costs including instructors, equipment, materials, facilities, and travel, are totaled when the course is completed and divided among the students. This provides a permanent record of training costs within the employee’s record. This also allows detailed reporting of training costs by department, division, location, or any other demographic category.
Tracks Detailed Course History
Allows reporting on all courses taken including the summing of credits, CEU’s, and course costs. Course history is also used when verifying prerequisites for current enrollment.
Creates A Wait List
Students can enroll in advance unscheduled courses. This automatically generates a wait-list for the course enabling you to determine which courses are currently in demand. Wait-list status is not granted until pre-enrollment is approved by the manager.
Supports Single And Multiple Meeting Classes
Allows you to specify a single facility and instructor for single meeting class and different facilities and instructors for each meeting of a multiple meeting class.
Fully Integrated with Personnel Management Module
Allows you to use the position records, in the human resource software, as a “super” job table. Rather than selecting jobs from the job table, you can select positions. Positions return not only the job information, but shift, location, pay step, and organizational details as well.
Fully Integrated with Applicant Tracking Module
Applicants apply against open requisitions created within the Position Control module. You can create requisitions for any position that requires filling, even if there is a current incumbent. This allows you to “promote upon replacement”.
Tracks Past and Present Incumbents
Allows you to determine all persons who have held this position or who possess the skill to hold this position. Enables you to find replacement personnel in emergency situations.
Provides a Free-From Job Description
Import text-based job descriptions from microsoft word for instant viewing and reporting; or create a fully formatted job description within the People-Trak editor with many word processing features.
ADA Compliant Tracking
Define essential tasks, physical requirements, environmental conditions, and hazards that determine the physical requirements for the position; helps you to determine the validity and cost of accommodation requests.
Open Requisitions When Positions Are Available
Provides full detail for the current requisition, including status, recruiter information, and details when the position is filled.
Single Click to Archive Prior Requisitions
In preparation for a new requisition, you can archive the existing requisition with a single click. All pertinent details are moved to a readily available history screen.
Tracks Prior Requisitions
Allows you to track the ongoing costs of keeping the position filled. You can also identify problem positions and/or problem managers by reporting on the frequency of the open requisitions. With open and close dates, it also provides critical information regarding recruiting efforts.
Enter Activities and Costs in Batches
Saves time when recording recruiting activities and ensures that all calculations are correctly updated to the cost summaries; produces an audit trail showing changes recorded.
Fully Integrated With Personnel Module
Easy selection of the employee involved in the incident from the Personnel module within the HR Software. Contact information and demographics are automatically updated to Safety record.
Tracks Contact Information
Maintain and manage safety information for employees even after they have been archived in the Personnel Module; allows documents, letters, and labels to be mailed to the employee.
Tracks Demographic Details
Create detailed reports regarding safety incidents based on location, age, seniority, gender, job title, supervisor, and department.
Tracks OSHA Details
Allows production of OSHA 300, OSHA 300A and OSHA 301 reports at any time. Details include the incident result, fatalities, lost days, restricted days and summaries regarding the incident.
Tracks Accident Details
Develop statistics based on equipment, operations, causes, body parts, and injury to create and maintain a safety plan; assists in the development of corrective actions and helps to foresee future problems.
Tracks Corrective Actions
Shows OSHA actions taken to prevent future incidents and tracks costs of corrective actions to maintain proper safety.
Tracks Initial Treatment Details
Documents all actions taken in regard to the incident to assist in claim management and settlement.
Tracks Claim Details
Provides necessary information to administer any workers compensation claims associated with the incident; keeps insurance and legal contact information associated with the claim readily available and allows extensive reporting.
Tracks Incident Costs
Allows detailed reporting of incident costs over a variety of categories such as medical, rehab, legal, indemnity, damages, etc.; provides summary and detailed costs.
Enter Claim Cost Details in Batches
Saves time when claim statements and other cost items are to be recorded; provides a detailed audit trail of all costs recorded.
Produces OSHA Reports
Instantly print or reprint the OSHA 300, OSHA 300A, and OSHA 301 reports as desired.
Broad Capabilities
Our HRIS system provides a wide variety of data entry screens within the Applicant Tracking module. Many of these are replicated in the Career Center to allow applicants to record their applications.
Maintain Control
Career Center transactions such as applicant records are posted to the People-Trak Inbox. You have complete control to accept or reject any information being provided by an applicant. No data is posted live into your applicant database without your approval.

Using the Inbox you can preview applications and approve or reject them with a single click. If you accept an application, a detailed applicant record is created for that applicant instantly. You do not need to perform any data entry at all. Once the application is stored, it is just like every other record in the Applicant Tracking module. You can perform searches, generate reports, or send letters and emails.
Corporate Information
People-Trak Career Center allows your company to enter vital information for interested and qualified candidates anytime of the day. Being very flexible, Career Center enables you to update company information, policies, job descriptions, job requirements, and company benefits. You can also upload logos easily. If a new job position is opening soon in your organization, you can enter the requirements, skills, and salary immediately. Our recruiting system is so easy to use, that if you know how to type, you’ll know how to use Career Center.
Job Search
Interested applicants can search for a variety of job positions posted on the People-Trak Career Center. Search fields are listed by requisition ID, location, division, job title, skill, or date. As seen in the picture below, the applicant is searching for a specific “Sales Manager” position. The screen next to that displays two specific “Sales Manager” listings for the applicant to view. If the applicant is interested in the position, he or she may apply for the position on-line, or post their resume directly into Career Center.
My Application
Career Center provides a complete user-friendly system for applicants to apply for positions on-line. In the picture below, the applicant is creating an “Applicant Profile.” When completed, this application will be forwarded to the HR department. An e-mail will then be sent to the applicant with an ID number and password to monitor their progress through the hiring process.
Share the Load
People-Trak provides a wide variety of data entry screens with its HRIS. Many of these are replicated in the People-Trak ESS/MSS to allow employees and managers to view and to change pertinent information. This ESS/MSS screen replicates the Personal screen and can be used to record name, address, contact, and demographic information, just as in People-Trak itself. The advantage of the ESS/MSS is that the employee can update their own information, when it changes, all under your control. Much of the information you would like to track, but cannot obtain or find burdensome to enter, can be recorded directly by the employee.
Keeping Managers Informed
The MSS portion of People-Trak ESS/MSS provides your department managers with a wide array of reports and documents that will assist them in the competent management of their respective staffs. While People-Trak itself gives you the ability to produce documents for the management staff, MSS empowers managers to produce reports for themselves when they want them or when they need them. The latest information is always available. With MSS, you empower the management staff and get much of your day back.
Communication is Essential
People-Trak ESS/MSS provides a complete 360- degree feedback loop and a full approval or rejection cycle. When an employee submits a change, that change can require approval by a manager. You determine which type of changes require manager approval and which don’t. If a change requires approval, they will be queued into an inbox for the manager. The manager can reject the change, and it will be sent back to the employee (a message will be queued for the employee in his or her inbox); or, the manager can approve the change and it will be forwarded to the appropriate HR administrative user within People-Trak. From within People-Trak, the change can be approved and posted, or returned to the employee for correction.
Online Company Policy Manual
Publishing and distributing the Company Handbook is a costly and tedious process. Making changes when policies change is an even bigger hassle. Most companies would love to post their policies and procedures on-line. With People-Trak ESS/MSS, you can. Using a simple but powerful editor within People-Trak itself, you can enter and maintain all of your pertinent policies and procedures. These then become available instantly within People-Trak ESS/MSS. Having your policies and procedures on-line is like having on-line help for the organization. Even those employees who lose their manuals, ignore their updates, or never read anything can use on-line help; answers are available 24 hours a day, even if you are not.
Keep Your Life In Order
One of the keys to any software solution is integration. People-Trak ESS/MSS is fully integrated with People-Trak. One of the greatest new features unique to People- Trak is our Inbox. All of the ESS/MSS transactions are automatically posted into the People-Trak Inbox. You then have the control to accept or reject the pending transactions. No data gets posted live into your employee database from the ESS/MSS system without your approval. It’s that simple. You don’t need to toggle between your e-mail system and your HRIS.
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