Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration offers comprehensive tracking for all your company benefit programs, integrated with the rest of your HR system. Manage all supporting details for your company’s benefit programs, with multiple plans and rate levels. You can enter the basic and advanced requirements for eligibility, and People-Trak can run a reconciliation report to determine problems during enrollment. Also track future benefit plans to prepare for open enrollment.

By being integrated with the rest of your HR system, Benefit Administration allows you to see each employee’s monthly totals and deduction amounts, and run comprehensive Employee Cost Reports. Altogether, it can help to control costs, give you insight, and save company time.

Unlimited Benefit Plans

Provides a catalog of all benefits currently offered including coverage, enrollment criteria, and premiums.

Unlimited Premium Rates for Each Plan

Specific rates can be identified by employee age bracket, smoking habits, spouse, and dependent count.

Flexible Rate Formulas

Allows you to define fixed rates or computed rates using advanced but easily setup formulas. Formulas are based on pay rates and allow rounding to a variety of levels.

Separate Open Enrollment Table

Provides a separate open enrollment table to maintain benefits plans to be offered during the open enrollment period.

Supports Concurrent Open Enrollment

Enables you to enroll employees during open enrollment without affecting current enrollment. You can enter, validate, and report on all open enrollment long before the starting date. This ensures accuracy and allows precise computation of benefit amounts long before the first statement.

Rapid open enrollment rollover

Allows you to rollover from current plans to new plans without touching individual employee records. This saves countless hours. With a few clicks on the rollover date, you can select the plans to be rolled over and all benefit records are updated immediately.

Tracks Enrollment Declinations

Enables your to record and report on those employees who have been offered benefits and declined them.

Automatic calculation of coverage and premiums

Ensures accuracy of coverage and premium amounts when employees are enrolled. All calculations are performed at enrollment and updated when employee pay rates are changed, if applicable. Separates employee and employer portions for reporting reconciliation purposes.

Calculates Premium Totals

With a single click, calculates and shows premium totals for all enrolled benefits.

Saves Prior Enrollment

Enables you to report on prior enrollment and satisfy coverage inquiries for insurance investigations.

Benefits Reconciliation Reporting

Compares all current enrollment to eligibility criteria and provides a report detailing errors and inconsistencies. Allows rapid correction of enrollment errors and ensures that you are not paying for plans above and beyond what is required by the employee.

Tracks current benefit enrollment

Allows reconciliation of carrier statements. Provides for verification of coverage.

Wide array of benefit reports

Enrollment and benefit cost reports ensure easy validation of carrier statements. Create census reports for carriers in minutes and provide statistics to the CFO.

Track participation in retirement plans

Define your own plans and enroll employees. Create participation reports and track employer matching amounts.

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