COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration tracks contact information, dates, reasons, and payment history for all electors. It also produces payment coupons and payment history reports. COBRA electors can be initiated as employees or dependents from within Personnel Management or can be entered directly into COBRA Administration.

Fully Integrated With Personnel Module

Employee participants and dependent participants are automatically moved to the COBRA Administration module following a qualifying event and subsequent election. All election details are transferred into the COBRA Administration module.

Tracks Contact Information

Monitor COBRA activities for former employees and dependents of employees who have been archived in the People-Trak HRIS system.

Tracks Demographic Details

Create detailed reports regarding COBRA activity based on age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, and marital status.

Tracks Election and Coverage Details

Report on all election information including the qualifying event, notification dates, coverage length, and the reason for stopping coverage.

Tracks Payment History

Determines when to discontinue COBRA for an employee or dependent; Allows you to query the last payment date; Produces payment history reports for account reconciliation and participant inquiries

Tracks Prior Enrollment

Allows verification of prior coverage.

Tracks Future Enrollment

Allows simultaneous entry of current plans with open enrollment for those participants active during a plan changeover; provides for reports and participant verification of enrollment prior to start of new plan year.

Enter Payment History in Batches

Saves time each month when participant checks are received; provides a detailed audit trail of payments recorded.

Tracks and Computes Administration Fee

Ensures accuracy to the cent; ensures consistency between participants; utilizes any administration override between 0 and 2 percent; calculates exact participant premium.

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