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People-Trak Career Center provides a browser-based front-end to People-Trak Applicant Tracking module. It creates a complete recruiting web-site for your organization. Candidates can view current openings, post a resume file, complete an application form, and monitor their own progress through the hiring process. This will reduce your workload and ensure that your company hires the most qualified candidates.

Broad Capabilities
People-Trak provides a wide variety of data entry screens within the Applicant Tracking module. Many of these are replicated in the Career Center to allow applicants to record their applications.

Maintain Control
Career Center transactions such as applicant records are posted to the People-Trak Inbox. You have complete control to accept or reject any information being provided by an applicant. No data is posted live into your applicant database without your approval.

Using the Inbox you can preview applications and approve or reject them with a single click. If you accept an application, a detailed applicant record is created for that applicant instantly. You do not need to perform any data entry at all. Once the application is stored, it is just like every other record in the Applicant Tracking module. You can perform searches, generate reports, or send letters and emails.

Corporate Information
People-Trak Career Center allows your company to enter vital information for interested and qualified candidates anytime of the day. Being very flexible, Career Center enables you to update company information, policies, job descriptions, job requirements, and company benefits. You can also upload logos easily. If a new job position is opening soon in your organization, you can enter the requirements, skills, and salary immediately. Our recruiting system is so easy to use, that if you know how to type, you’ll know how to use Career Center.

Job Search
Interested applicants can search for a variety of job positions posted on the People-Trak Career Center. Search fields are listed by requisition ID, location, division, job title, skill, or date. As seen in the picture below, the applicant is searching for a specific “Sales Manager” position. The screen next to that displays two specific “Sales Manager” listings for the applicant to view. If the applicant is interested in the position, he or she may apply for the position on-line, or post their resume directly into Career Center.

My Application
Career Center provides a complete user-friendly system for applicants to apply for positions on-line. In the picture below, the applicant is creating an “Applicant Profile.” When completed, this application will be forwarded to the HR department. An e-mail will then be sent to the applicant with an ID number and password to monitor their progress through the hiring process.