Document Management

In addition to up-to-date employee records, Human Resources departments need to store a wide assortment of files for later reference or archive purposes. With People-Trak’s Document Management, all your company files, forms, employee documents, and archive reports can be attached and stored in one centralized location. It’s essentially document management software for Human Resources.

Beyond just documents

Because you can upload many different file types, Document Management is like an electronic repository for all HR information. You can attach PDFs, DOCs, Excel spreadsheets, JPGs, GIFs, PNGs, and more. But you are not limited to documents and images. People-Trak can even store video (MP4) and audio (MP3) files, and any other type of non-executable file.

Files are stored in database, not linked from elsewhere

With People-Trak, there is one attachment file for each attachment and that attachment file is stored in the database. The attachment is a copy of the original file, so you are not dependent on the original file. If the original file is lost or deleted, you will always have the secure copy in the People-Trak database.

Archive People-Trak reports

When a People-Trak report is archived, it ends up in Document Management. So your important historical documents like turnover, compensation, or EEO reports can be easily saved and accessed for future reference.

Tag documents for easy searching

After attaching a document, you can add custom tags, and include creator, date, and category details to make it easier to search and sort. You can even add your own custom parameters to sort documents by.

Track document access, revisions, and expirations

When a document is attached, opened, or deleted, the system logs the action date, time, and user. Plus, you can track when an update or revision is made. Finally, if you set a retention period, the document will have an expiration date.

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