Position Management

Position Management combines a complete job description module with the ability to post and track open job requisitions. This ensures that open positions and their requirements are defined according to ADA standards. This module then integrates with Applicant Tracking to ensure that all candidates are screened against the detailed requirements of the position applied for.

Fully Integrated with Personnel Management Module

Allows you to use the position records, in the human resource software, as a “super” job table. Rather than selecting jobs from the job table, you can select positions. Positions return not only the job information, but shift, location, pay step, and organizational details as well.

Fully Integrated with Applicant Tracking Module

Applicants apply against open requisitions created within the Position Control module. You can create requisitions for any position that requires filling, even if there is a current incumbent. This allows you to “promote upon replacement”.

Tracks Past and Present Incumbents

Allows you to determine all persons who have held this position or who possess the skill to hold this position. Enables you to find replacement personnel in emergency situations.

Provides a Free-From Job Description

Import https://www.people-trak.com/files/products/existing text-based job descriptions from microsoft word for instant viewing and reporting; or create a fully formatted job description within the People-Trak editor with many word processing features.

ADA Compliant Tracking

Define essential tasks, physical requirements, environmental conditions, and hazards that determine the physical requirements for the position; helps you to determine the validity and cost of accommodation requests.

Open Requisitions When Positions Are Available

Provides full detail for the current requisition, including status, recruiter information, and details when the position is filled.

Single Click to Archive Prior Requisitions

In preparation for a new requisition, you can archive the existing requisition with a single click. All pertinent details are moved to a readily available history screen.

Tracks Prior Requisitions

Allows you to track the ongoing costs of keeping the position filled. You can also identify problem positions and/or problem managers by reporting on the frequency of the open requisitions. With open and close dates, it also provides critical information regarding recruiting efforts.

Enter Activities and Costs in Batches

Saves time when recording recruiting activities and ensures that all calculations are correctly updated to the cost summaries; produces an audit trail showing changes recorded.

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