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People-Trak takes employee information out of the filing cabinets and puts it right at your fingertips. Now you can respond immediately to management, employees, and government requests making you a real information provider.

Extensive contact information
Enables you to contact the employee by mail, home phone, work phone, cell phone, and email. You can create address lists and phone lists in seconds.

Tracks EEO and other demographics
Provides necessary information for the creation of EEO-1 reports and other reports detailing the diversity of your workforce.

Tracks emergency contacts
Provides full detail for two emergency contacts including address, home phone, and work phone. Emergency contact reports can be produced in seconds.

Unlimited company property
Assists you in keeping track of company issued property and ensures that company property is returned when an employee separates from the organization. Tracks expiration dates for company issued credit cards, etc.

Flexible status tracking
A variety of fields are provided for tracking employee status. An Active field, two status fields, and a status comment field assist you. Define two different tables of status codes.

Automatically records status history
As status changes are made, an ongoing status history is automatically recorded. This enables you to monitor and report on the status of the employee over their career.

Powerful seniority calculations
Automatic calculation of seniority years, months, days, and totals days ensures accuracy. A separate seniority exception days tracks those days that are not to be counted toward overall seniority. This enables you to keep the seniority date constant while adjusting seniority for LOA and other events that do not count toward seniority.

I-9 Document tracking
Enables you to keep track of I-9 documents and pending expiration dates. You can define reports and alerts that will notify you in advance of VISA expiration dates so that appropriate renewals can be obtained. A user-defined table of I-9 documents speeds data entry and ensures consistency.

Flexible termination tracking
Allows you to record both the termination reason and the termination type. You can group terminations for reporting to isolate trends and identify problem departments and managers.

Pre-election COBRA tracking and point and click election
Adjacent to the termination details, you can track the COBRA qualifying event and date, notification date, and election date. If the employee elects COBRA, a simple button can create a corresponding record in the COBRA module.

Tracks LOA history
Keeps a detailed history of all LOA events and totals those days that do not apply to seniority into the seniority exceptions days field. Enables you to indicate the number of work days lost and whether or not the LOA event was FMLA eligible.

Unlimited union membership
Allows you to record and track all union memberships with start and end dates for all participation.