Safety Management

Safety Management provides for detailed accident/incident reporting. This allows you to produce all the government compliance reports and documents you need including the OSHA 300, OSHA 300A, and OSHA 301 reports. Safety Management also tracks worker’s compensation details, including costs for rehabilitation, liability, medical, and more. In addition, there are many reports included that help you schedule training, pinpoint problem areas, control costs and take corrective actions all within an integrated HR software product.

Fully Integrated With Personnel Module

Easy selection of the employee involved in the incident from the Personnel module within the HR Software. Contact information and demographics are automatically updated to Safety record.

Tracks Contact Information

Maintain and manage safety information for employees even after they have been archived in the Personnel Module; allows documents, letters, and labels to be mailed to the employee.

Tracks Demographic Details

Create detailed reports regarding safety incidents based on location, age, seniority, gender, job title, supervisor, and department.

Tracks OSHA Details

Allows production of OSHA 300, OSHA 300A and OSHA 301 reports at any time. Details include the incident result, fatalities, lost days, restricted days and summaries regarding the incident.

Tracks Accident Details

Develop statistics based on equipment, operations, causes, body parts, and injury to create and maintain a safety plan; assists in the development of corrective actions and helps to foresee future problems.

Tracks Corrective Actions

Shows OSHA actions taken to prevent future incidents and tracks costs of corrective actions to maintain proper safety.

Tracks Initial Treatment Details

Documents all actions taken in regard to the incident to assist in claim management and settlement.

Tracks Claim Details

Provides necessary information to administer any workers compensation claims associated with the incident; keeps insurance and legal contact information associated with the claim readily available and allows extensive reporting.

Tracks Incident Costs

Allows detailed reporting of incident costs over a variety of categories such as medical, rehab, legal, indemnity, damages, etc.; provides summary and detailed costs.

Enter Claim Cost Details in Batches

Saves time when claim statements and other cost items are to be recorded; provides a detailed audit trail of all costs recorded.

Produces OSHA Reports

Instantly print or reprint the OSHA 300, OSHA 300A, and OSHA 301 reports as desired.

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