Manage Employee Time Off

People-Trak’s Time & Attendance provides a powerful, accurate, and easy to use way to manage employee time off. By providing an unlimited number of user-defined attendance accounts with multiple accrual levels, Time & Attendance enables HR professionals to fully customize the system to match their company’s specific time tracking needs. The wide variety of accrual periods, automatic rollover, and automatic bumping of accrual levels at the specified month helps save time by streamlining business processes. Batch processing programs and detailed reports assist you in managing all facets of employee attendance.

Unlimited accrual accounts

Our HRIS allows you to define as many accrual accounts as required including vacation, sick, jury, bereavement, LOA, hours worked, etc. Accounts can be accruing or non-accruing.

Unlimited accrual rates

Define an unlimited number of accrual rates for each accruing account.

Wide array of accrual frequencies

Automate almost any attendance policy. Frequencies include hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.

Define auto-bumps

Automates the time when employees are to move from one accrual level to the next. Eliminates the need for manual checking. Auto-bumping is performed during the accrual calculation process during the period specified.

Defined carryovers

Automates the annual rollover from year to another and optionally from one account to another.

Separate accrual calculations

Accruals can be calculated and reviewed prior to posting. This eliminates mistakes and allows verification of anticipated changes. Auto-bumps and rollovers are clearly indicated.

Easy posting of latest calculations

Simple point and click posting of validated calculations. Saves time and can be scheduled with the scheduling feature.

Tracks balances and accrual dates

Shows balances for all accounts including current available, accrued amount, and amount taken for the year to date.

Tracks attendance history

Shows all details for attendance events including dates, hours, and absence reasons. Optionally includes accruals and adjustments in addition to time used. Indicates time used in calendar format and allows printing of a full-year attendance calendar.

Tracks scheduled time-off

Allow employees to indicate planned time-off. Enables you to reconcile request conflicts and to produce reports indicating scheduled time off.

Enter attendance events in batches

Saves time when recording attendance events and ensures that all calculations are correctly updated to the balances. Posts attendance history directly. Produces an audit trail showing changes recorded.

Attendance Calculator

Estimate an employee’s balance for any account for a future date. Saves time during employee inquiries.

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