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Training and Competency works in conjunction with Personnel Management to track detailed information about internal and external training programs. At the trainee level, course history, skills acquired, and costs accumulated are added to Personnel Management as classes are tracked and completed within Training Administration. At the course level, you can maintain an extensive catalog of courses and track instructors, facilities, equipment, and costs. You can establish schedules for facilities, instructors, and equipment and Training Administration will prevent you from double-booking resources.

Set Black-Out Dates For Instructors, Equipment Facilities
Prevents scheduling of instructors, facilities, and equipment when they are not available due to vacation, travel, or routine maintenance.

Avoids Double-Booking
Instructors, facilities, equipment, and students are all checked when selected to eliminate the possibility of double-booking.

Tracks Instructor Certifications
Allows you to control the courses that instructors can teach. Instructors cannot be selected if they are not certified to teach the course.

Validates Pre-Requisites
Student course history is compared to course pre-requisites when students are enrolled. Students who do not meet pre-requisites are denied enrollment.

Tracks Actual and Billable Costs
Enables precise cost reporting for all training related costs, including instructors, facilities, equipment, material, travel, etc. Billable costs enable you to create a precise departmental charge-back program to fund training programs.

Computes Cost of Lost Productivity
Lost productivity is computed by multiplying classroom hours by the employee’s hourly rate. This enables you to determine and report on the true cost of training.

Tracks Extensive Course Information
Create a catalog of courses that include cost, certification details, number of meetings, class duration, detailed description, pre-requisites, skills, equipment, and materials needed.

Automatically Updates Course Costs
All course costs including instructors, equipment, materials, facilities, and travel, are totaled when the course is completed and divided among the students. This provides a permanent record of training costs within the employee’s record. This also allows detailed reporting of training costs by department, division, location, or any other demographic category.

Tracks Detailed Course History
Allows reporting on all courses taken including the summing of credits, CEU’s, and course costs. Course history is also used when verifying prerequisites for current enrollment.

Creates A Wait List
Students can enroll in advance unscheduled courses. This automatically generates a wait-list for the course enabling you to determine which courses are currently in demand. Wait-list status is not granted until pre-enrollment is approved by the manager.

Supports Single And Multiple Meeting Classes
Allows you to specify a single facility and instructor for single meeting class and different facilities and instructors for each meeting of a multiple meeting class.