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People-Trak reviewed in Government Product News – Click for entire article.

Program Provides Fast Access to Arizona City Employee Records
When the City of Sedona first incorporated in 1988, the staff was small enough that no one gave a thought to automating human resource information. As the number of employees grew though, the City Manager’s office started looking for quick ways to locate the increasing amount of employee information.

People-Trak reviewed in Shelter Magazine – Click for entire article.

Window Manufacturers Open Windows of Opportunity with People-Trak™

Seeing the light is what the window manufacturing business is all about, and Empire Pacific Industries (EPI) has clearly seen the light when it comes to managing their human resources.


People-Trak CEO, Jim Witschger in Workforce Extra – Click for entire article.

5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right HR Package – Jim Witschger.
Most HR managers agree that purchasing a feature-rich, easy-to-use HR automation program is a smart investment. Finding the right software package, and the right company is a critical step.

People-Trak CEO, Jim Witschger in Software Business – Click for entire article.

People, the Ultimate Technology – Jim Witschger.
The essential technology for the new millennium is the most complex technology ever conceived. It is not Windows or Unix, or the internet, or a programming language, or some type of artificial intelligence. It is people.

People-Trak CEO, Jim Witschger in HR Reporter – Click for entire article.

HR, know thy customer, because it’s not the employeeJim Witschger.
A fundamental principle of business is the adage "know thy customer." This makes obvious sense for the sales and marketing people because their success is directly proportional to how well they identify and meet the needs of thier customer. You may be wondering how this applies to HR?

People-Trak CEO, Jim Witschger in HR ExecutiveClick for entire article.

And That’s the Truth – Margaret O. Kirk
Truth or Myth? HR software is expensive, requires customization and will put people out of jobs.

People-Trak CEO, Jim Witschger in HR ReporterClick for entire article.

Getting real about HRMS projects
Jim Witschger

There are lots of myths about HRMS software – let’s debunk a few of them:

People-Trak Reviewed in Credit Union TechnologyClick for entire article.

Opposites Do Attract – Billie Marney Increasing demands placed on human resources (HR) by co-workers, internall organizations, external organizations, – sometimes I think even extraterrestrials – are making manual systems of HR management completely inadequate.

People-Trak Reviewed in HRMagazineclick for entire article.

People-Trak HRMS Offers Low Cost, Efficiency and Many Options
Jim Meade
Chances are you like to create reports on unused employee vacation time, find job-applicants with Java training, track executive pay increases for the previous year or do anything else you can do with a complete HR management system. . . .



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