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People-Trak is published and produced – with passion! – by Technical Difference, Inc., a privately held corporation.

Located north of San Diego in beautiful Bonsall, California – avocado capital of the world – Technical Difference was founded in 1992 to address the growing need for high-quality, affordable software for the human resource market. In just five years, this formula – price, performance with passion – has made People-Trak the second most widely installed Windows-based HRMS product on the market.

Our Vision
Provide high-end, user-enabled HR software. What does this mean? Well, while we can provide any type of vendor service, including installation, customization, training, and on-site maintenance, we have found that in most cases it is simply not required. We differ from our primary competitors in that we are NOT trying to establish a "dependent" relationship. Rather, our objective is to provide you with all the tools necessary to perform your human resources tasks without a constant need for costly, on-site technical assistance. But, if and when you do need us, we have highly qualified technical support personnel standing by and, as necessary, we provide downloadable software fixes via our product updates, database consulting and answers to general frequently asked questions (FAQs) or technical FAQs via the Internet.

These techniques have proven effective for both small and large organizations. Technical Difference stands firm against competitive mentalities that require substantial expenditures in actual and human capital. We are available when you need us, but we have designed our products to minimize that need. While this may seem old-fashioned – or out of fashion – it works! And to prove it, our customer base grows every day.

Our philosophy:
– Give HR professionals the cost effective tools they need to do their best.
– Don’t charge for goods and services that are not required.
– Provide timely updates and competent, one-on-one support as needed.

The People-Trak product line combines advanced features with exceptional value. That is the "technical difference"! We make use of the latest software tools. We challenge our employees to work hard and smart. We provide incentives and share with them in our success. That is "our development environment" and People-Trak is the result. And you, our customer, are the beneficiary… the recipient of this passion!

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