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“We used an Evaluation Matrix to rank the leading HRIS products that were appropriate for our needs. People-Trak came out on top, and using the system for almost a year has certainly validated our choice.”

Patricia Klotz,
CSUSM Foundation
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Features and Benefits

Fully integrated with Personnel module:
Allows you to select from applicants when creating new hires saving countless hours and avoiding data entry mistakes. When a new hire is selected from the applicant pool, all relevant information acquired during the recruiting process is moved directly in the new employee’s record.With just a few clicks you can also move a copy of any employee’s record into the applicant pool. This facilitates internal recruiting and ensures that internal candidates are given every opportunity to advance.

Fully integrated with Position Control module:
Enables applicants to apply against current open requisitions. The list of available positions is dynamically created each time positions are applied for.

Tracks contact information:
Enables you to contact the applicant by mail, home phone, work phone, cell phone or email.

Tracks EEO and veteran demographics:
Assists you in meeting EEO requirements for reporting ethnicity and gender for candidates by position applied for. Also assist in creating applicant flow documents that determine if you are hiring according to EEO guidelines.

Tracks pre-employment drug and physical tests:
Creates a history of those candidates who may have been offered positions and were then rejected due to failure of drug or physical tests.

Tracks qualifications:
Helps to determine if the candidate meet the requirements of the position or positions applied for. You can track education history, skills, prior employment, and professional certifications. This is extremely useful when performing candidate searches based on qualifications.

Tracks application progress:
Monitor the status of applicants through the various stages of the recruiting process from initial contact to rejection or offer acceptance. Includes offer contingencies, acceptance dates, applicant source, and assigned recruiter.

Tracks activity:
Provides an ongoing history of all activities taken in regard to the candidate. Assists you in tracking costs and individuals involved.

Tracks unlimited positions applied for:
Each applicant can apply for an unlimited number of positions within the same applicant record. This eliminates multiple applicant records and is very useful for internal candidates who might apply for different positions over time.

Separate rejection reason for each position applied for:
Enables you to reject a candidate for one position while keeping the candidate active for one or more other positions

Tracks test results:
Determine if the candidate meets the tests requirements established for the position in the Position Control module (if licensed).

Tracks references:
Allows you to contact references and maintain rating information regarding the applicant.

Enter recruiting activities and status changes in batches:
Saves time when recording activities and status changes. Produces a audit trail showing changes recorded.

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