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“We used an Evaluation Matrix to rank the leading HRIS products that were appropriate for our needs. People-Trak came out on top, and using the system for almost a year has certainly validated our choice.”

Patricia Klotz,
CSUSM Foundation
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People-Trak offers a set of “core features” that come standard with any purchase. They are the most frequently requested by the widest variety of HR professionals. In addition, these features are part of the foundation of the product and would be available across all of the modules in the product.
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Field Security

People-Trak provides the widest and the most powerful range of security features in the industry. Using an intuitive, simple point and click interface, you can control access to modules, companies, menus, screens, fields, and records. Our field access uniquely provides three levels of security. You can grant full access to a field, deny access to a field, or allow a field to be seen and not changed. In addition, we provide two types of record security: standard and filter based. Standard record security lets you grant access to records with a single click and works perfectly with smaller record and/or user counts. Filter based security uses powerful query statements to grant access to groups of records and works best with larger record and/or user counts.

System Access
System access to People-Trak is controlled through the use of user ID/password combinations. Only those users with a valid user ID and password can gain access to People-Trak. Once access has been gained, the user is subject to the security established by the password.

Module Access
Access to the individual modules provided with People-Trak is under your control. Any user can be given access to any combination of the modules. For example, if you have a recruiting staff that should have access to Applicant Management, but not to Personnel Management, you can limit the recruiting staff to the Applicant Management module. Access to modules (as with other security features) is granted through a simple point and click interface. A sample dialog is shown below.

Company Access
Access to the individual companies that you define within People-Trak is under your control. Any user can be given access to any combination of companies. For example, if you have a user who is not allowed to see archived data, you can restrict that user from the ARCHIVE Company. No access to that data through any function will be provided.

Menu Access
Access to individual menu options is under your control. For each user, you can grant or deny access to any option listed on a menu. When using Menu security, you need to be aware that certain programs can be used to perform similar tasks. When attempting to limit a user’s access to a specific feature, you may need to restrict more than a single program. When first setting up menu security, you may need to rely on the knowledge of your support representative to make certain you have achieved the desired level of protection.

Screen/Field Access
For each of the primary data entry screens in People-Trak (entry for employees, applicants, safety incidents, etc.) you can control access for each user. Unlike the other security features, field access has three states. You can prevent access altogether; the highest form of security. You can grant display-only access; the ability to see, but not change the data. Or, you can grant full access, which allows the user to both see and change data.

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