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“We used an Evaluation Matrix to rank the leading HRIS products that were appropriate for our needs. People-Trak came out on top, and using the system for almost a year has certainly validated our choice.”

Patricia Klotz,
CSUSM Foundation
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People-Trak offers a set of “core features” that come standard with any purchase. They are the most frequently requested by the widest variety of HR professionals. In addition, these features are part of the foundation of the product and would be available across all of the modules in the product.
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Template Editor

People-Trak provides a powerful editor for the creation of letter and label templates. These templates combine your text and field variables from People-Trak to create a wide variety of documents you can use to run your organization.

Mail merge in People-Trak is a breeze. Once you create your template, you simply use the standard query dialog to select the records you want. Then print. A label or letter will be created for each record qualified by the query. Optionally, you can use the Advanced Lookup feature to select a group of records. Then use the Labels or Letters feature to print labels or letters for the group of records you have selected.

The Template Editor provides an array of word processing features to assist in the creation of label and letter templates.
  • Complete control of fonts including sizes, typefaces, bolding, italics, and underlining
  • Page and paragraph formatting,
  • Insert graphics and People-Trak fields
  • Tabs, enumeration, and bulleting
  • Tables
  • Extensive Avery label library

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