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People-Trak offers a set of “core features” that come standard with any purchase. They are the most frequently requested by the widest variety of HR professionals. In addition, these features are part of the foundation of the product and would be available across all of the modules in the product. Click on any of the links to the right to get more information.
The People-Trak Report Writer is the best combination of ease-of-use and reporting power that you will find. A variety of powerful, user-friendly features enable you to create reports in seconds.

People-Trak provides a powerful editor for the creation of letter and label templates. These templates combine your text and field variables from People-Trak to create a wide variety of documents you can use to run your organization.

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People-Trak makes more extensive use of tables than any other product. Tables are lists that contain user-defined or system-defined entries. These lists are available to assist in completing the corresponding fields in a given record and to ensure that the appropriate entries are made regardless of the user.

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People-Trak provides the Import feature to facilitate the conversion of data from other applications into People-Trak. This feature can be used as often as required. Because you can save the specification and run it again, the Import feature can be used for both ongoing interfaces and “one-shot” conversions.

There are always reports within any product that cannot be produced by an adhoc report writer and People-Trak is no exception. The reports that cannot be created are provided for you and are known as “standard reports” because the format and content have been standardized by compliance agencies or other factors.

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People-Trak provides the widest and the most powerful range of security features in the industry. Using an intuitive, simple point and click interface, you can control access to modules, companies, menus, screens, fields, and records.

This feature lets you change modify field names, field attributes, and support tables so that the dialogs work the way you need them. No expensive consultants or additional purchases are required.

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Files such as Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Adobe Acrobat PDF’s can be attached with a few clicks. Images in a variety of formats can also be attached or scanned directly into the note.

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