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People-Trak ESS/MSS is a browser-based product that makes the wealth of employee and management information within People-Trak available to those who need it: your employees and the management staff. Using a browser such as Internet Explorer 5+ or Netscape 4+, any employee or any manager can edit or view the information stored in People-Trak that you determine is relevant. People-Trak ESS/MSS replaces the multitude of paper forms posted just outside your office and replaces them with a direct entry, electronic equivalent.

People-Trak ESS/MSS automates the manual processes that you already perform. Rather than having employees complete paper forms and forward them to you for data entry, the employees complete electronic forms and forward them to you for immediate verification and posting.

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People-Trak provides a wide variety of data entry screens. Many of these are replicated in the People-Trak ESS/MSS to allow employees and managers to view and to change pertinent information. This ESS/MSS screen replicates the Personal screen and can be used to record name, address, contact, and demographic information, just as in People-Trak itself. The advantage of the ESS/MSS is that the employee can update their own information, when it changes, all under your control. Much of the information you would like to track, but cannot obtain or find burdensome to enter, can be recorded directly by the employee.

Keeps Managers Informed
The MSS portion of People-Trak ESS/MSS provides your department managers with a wide array of reports and documents that will assist them in the competent management of their respective staffs. While People-Trak itself gives you the ability to produce documents for the management staff, MSS empowers managers to produce reports for themselves when they want them or when they need them. The latest information is always available. With MSS, you empower the management staff and get much of your day back.

Communication is Essential
People-Trak ESS/MSS provides a complete 360-degree feedback loop and a full approval/rejection cycle. When an employee submits a change, that change can require approval by a manager. You determine which type of changes require manager approval and which don’t. If a change requires approval, they will be queued into an inbox for the manager. The manager can reject the change, and it will be sent back to the employee (a message will be queued for the employee in his or her inbox); or, the manager can approve the change and it will be forwarded to the appropriate HR administrative user within People-Trak. From within People-Trak, the change can be approved and posted, or returned to the employee for correction.

Online Company Policy Manual
Publishing and distributing the Company Handbook is a costly and tedious process. Making changes when policies change is an even bigger hassle. Most companies would love to post their policies and procedures on-line. With People-Trak ESS/MSS, you can. Using a simple but powerful editor within People-Trak itself, you can enter and maintain all of your pertinent policies and procedures. These then become available instantly within People-Trak ESS/MSS. Having your policies and procedures on-line is like having on-line help for the organization. Even those employees who lose their manuals, ignore their updates, or never read anything can use on-line help; answers are available 24 hours a day, even if you are not.

Keep Your Life In Order
One of the keys to any software solution is integration. People-Trak ESS/MSS is fully integrated with People-Trak. One of the greatest new features unique to People-Trak is our Inbox. All of the ESS/MSS transactions are automatically posted into the People-Trak Inbox. You then have the control to accept or reject the pending transactions. No data gets posted live into your employee database from the ESS/MSS system without your approval. It’s that simple. You don’t need to toggle between your e-mail system and your HRIS.

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