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Resume Parsing is a powerful feature that allows you to populate records with the data from resume files. The parsing process breaks the resume up into pieces and parses out those items that can be stored in a People-Trak record. In just a few seconds, a multi-page resume file can be broken into dozens of database fields. Resume Parsing can be used with the Applicant Tracking module, the Career Center, or the Personnel Management module.

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Working With Resume Files
The days of paper resume documents are over. If an applicant or employee has a paper resume, they have some sort of file from which the document was printed. That file is the secret to the resume parsing technology. Resume Parsing works with a wide range resume files. You can parse text files, Word documents, emails and more. In general, if the applicant has a resume, you can parse the file.

One At A Time Or Batch Mode
Resume Parsing works wonderfully to parse resumes, one file at a time. You can start a record, select the file and watch as People-Trak is populated with the data from the resume. It only takes a few seconds. It’s fun to watch and it saves time. However, sometimes you have more than a few resumes. This is where the batch mode feature is extremely helpful. You can copy a batch of resumes to any directory including resume files of different types and then point the batch feature at the directory. The resumes are imported one after another automatically. The autonumbering feature in People-Trak automatically assigns ID’s and saves the records. You can import hundreds of resumes in less than an hour.

Save Time & Money
It takes about 30 minutes to enter the data from a resume manually that resume parsing can record in less than 10 seconds. With typical pay rates and overhead, the cost to enter a resume is about $10. Each resume parse costs you 50 cents. The chart below illustrates the comparative cost in time and money to enter 1000 resumes.

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