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“We used an Evaluation Matrix to rank the leading HRIS products that were appropriate for our needs. People-Trak came out on top, and using the system for almost a year has certainly validated our choice.”

Patricia Klotz,
CSUSM Foundation
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In addition to the powerful modules and core features, People-Trak provides a variety of productivity tools that enable you to accomplish daily tasks quickly and more efficiently and to improve your visibility within the organization

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Email features are included in People-Trak to allow you to send email to and from a variety of sources. You can send email in the following ways.
  • Send Email to the Current Record
  • Send Email to the Current Group of Records
  • Email Documents from the Document Viewer
  • Distribute Emails from Alerts
For all email features except those related to alerts, the Email Message dialog is displayed. This dialog is used to capture the information necessary to send single or group emails. A sample is shown below.

Attaching Email to Notes:
If you have licensed the Attachment feature to be used with notes, you can cause the email and any attached file to be added to the notes for that record.

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