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People-Trak is a LAN based HRIS that automates a wide variety of human resources functions. Remote Access is a powerful feature that adds a browser-based front-end to People-Trak for remote users who are not directly connected to the LAN or who lack sufficient bandwidth to run People-Trak effectively.

Remote Access emulates standard People-Trak in look, feel, and operation. If you know how to use People-Trak and you know what People-Trak looks like, then you know what Remote Access looks like and how it works. As an illustration, here is the Personal screen as displayed in both People-Trak and Remote Access modes.

Download a copy of our Remote Access Technology Flyer

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How It Works
Remote Access works over slower connections when People-Trak cannot because Remote Access takes advantage of features embedded in Internet browsers. Much of the capability is local and thus does not tax the Internet connection. In addition, Remote Access utilizes the latest server side technologies that limit the amount of bandwidth required. Thus, Remote Access can provide HRIS features over dial-up connections.

Intranet Or Internet
Remote Access technology can be utilized over your corporate Internet. You simply use the appropriate IP address to connect to the remote access site. You can also use remote access over the Internet. If you have granted access through your firewall to users, they can connect to and utilize remote access from home or any other site. You are responsible for granting access and setting security to reach remote access installation. People-Trak provides the security once a user has reached the site.

Easy To Deploy
Remote Access is normally installed on a web-server. Installation is a matter of copying files into place and activating the appropriate services on the web-server. Individual users do not need to install anything. There are no ActiveX controls to download or any software to install. Any user with appropriate security can start Remote Access using the IP address you provide.

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