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People-Trak has been developed using the popular Visual Basic programming language from Microsoft. Visual Basic is the most widely used language today and provides a robust development platform that offers seamless integration with the Windows operating system.

Along with the Visual Basic programming language, People-Trak now employs the ADO database technology that enables People-Trak to utilize a wide range of database platforms ranging from Microsoft Access for LAN and desktop implementations to Microsoft SQL Server for large-scale, client-server implementations.

For internet solutions, People-Trak utilizes ASP technology, the most widely used method for deploying data-based applications on the Web.

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People-Trak sets a new standard for product integration. While other products claim to be integrated, few can claim the extensive list of integration features provided by People-Trak. For example, People-Trak provides it’s own powerful and easy-to-use report writer. Most other products utilize third party report writers that have their own operating conventions and limitations and nuances. People-Trak’s report writer works and functions just like the rest of the product because it is an integrated part of the product. Because of this, you can master the entire product and be truly productive in a fraction of the time.

Integration is vital when you customize your HRIS. If you modify fields on a data entry screen (a simple and easy task with People-Trak), the modifications are immediately available in the report writer. For example, if you change a field name such as Employee ID to Associate ID (a common change), you can immediately use the phrase Associate ID to create reports using this field. The integration is complete and instantaneous. Products that utilize third-party report writers can only dream about this feature because their non-integrated report writers cannot communicate with their HRIS.

Security is another factor that requires tight integration. Some third party report writers cannot honor the field security you have established in the HRIS product. For example, if you disable the Pay Rate field for a specific user within your HRIS, the report writer (which is not integrated) does not recognize this fact. Thus, if the user can access the report writer, they can access the protected field, essentially negating the security you have established.

With People-Trak’s fully integrated report writer, when you secure a field in People-Trak, it is secured. It cannot be used in a report, it cannot be used in a letter, and it cannot be used in a label. In fact, it cannot be used at all. That is because of integration. All features within People-Trak are subject to the fully integrated security features.

People-Trak also provides integration on a broader scale. If you implement the personnel management and applicant management modules, you can share data between the modules because they too are integrated. For example, if an applicant is hired, you can transfer all relevant information from the applicant record directly into the personnel record. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fast. And, if you wish to have employees apply against open positions, you can run the process in reverse. With a couple clicks, you can create an applicant record based on the information currently stored for an employee. Now you have true “equality” in your recruiting efforts because People-Trak is truly integrated.

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People-Trak can utilize either traditional database technology (such as Microsoft Access) or client-server (C/S) database technology (such as Microsoft SQL Server). Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Traditional database technology works great on local area networks and with smaller user and record counts. C/S database technology works great on local area networks and on wide area networks with larger user and record counts. Traditional database technology does not present a cost above and beyond the application product. C/S database technology is a separate product that has a cost completely separate from the application product.

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People-Trak will continue to provide program-based security. This means that security is provided by People-Trak and not by the database itself. Traditional databases do not provide field security inherent in the database, but C/S databases do. This is a nice feature, but it presents limitations to the levels of security that can be provided. People-Trak did the necessary work to provide field and other security for an Access based product and thus those same features are available with the C/S version. From within People-Trak (and not from within C/S database tools), you will be able to limit user access to databases, programs, menus, records, and fields.

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