Manager Self Service

Now that your employees have access to whatever data you would like them to have, it is time to empower your management staff. The People-Trak ESS product has a Manager Self Service (MSS) feature that allows your managers to have access to important data on their specific employees.

Easy Reporting

People-Trak’s Manager Self Service gives your department managers access to powerful HR data that is locked inside our HRIS. With a few simple clicks, they can see salary histories, performance histories, and attendance reports. They can also easily keep up with who has a performance review, birthday or company anniversary coming up.

Managing Data

Now, with People-Trak MSS, HR can truly serve the management team, instead of trying to work with the hundreds of employees out there. Lets face it, you are over-matched. If you are lucky, your company has a 1:100 ratio when it comes to HR professional versus employees. But your company probably has about a 1:10 ratio when it comes to manager to employees. Let managers manage their people, and you can start serving management. With People-Trak ESS, all employee inquiries regarding time-off, performance reviews, company property, company policies, benefits, etc. can be directed to their manager. Then, if their manager has a question after accessing their data in the MSS module, he/she can ask you. Then you will be working at approximately a 1:10 ratio of HR Professionals to managers. That is workable! People-Trak ESS/MSS is the tool you need to take you there!

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