Position Control Module

The Position Control Module merges job descriptions and job requisitions into a powerful combination that, when fully integrated with Personnel Management and/or Applicant Tracking, provides your company with true position analysis capabilities.

Job Descriptions– Easily create ADA compliant job descriptions for each position within your company. Each description will list the essential and marginal tasks as well as physical requirements. For recruiting purposes, you can use these descriptions to instantly create job requisitions. On the Personnel side, these descriptions become your job table. In other words, these descriptions integrate into all facets of your HRIS system.

Requisition Detail– Fully defines the objectives and requirements for the open position. The job screen tracks the job title, EEO category, location, department, salary grade, and more. The requirements screen tracks education and other requirements. The skills screen tracks the skills required to perform the job. Finally, a general information screen tracks details about the requisition itself including open and close dates, hiring manager, and a space to record the name of the candidate hired.

Recruiting Costs – Our cost analysis reports help you gauge true cost per applicant. Additionally, with our requisition history features, you can track the overall cost to fill a given position over any given period of time, irregardless of how many times that position has been filled.

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