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Is People-Trak comprehensive?

Although I am far from utilizing People-Trak, the benefits are amazing. I can easily track both individual and organization-wide job and salary histories, benefit participation and costs, attendance histories with available vacation and sick leave, training histories, performance reviews and other data useful for controlling, reporting, and decision making.
Billie Marney
Vice President of Human Resources
Chocolate Bayou FCU
Reprinted from Credit Union Technology

In the gilded world of modern software, you’ll rarely find straightforward technical brilliance. However, you will find it in People-Trak HRMS, . . . The program can create any report you want, doesn’t cost much and continues to be low cost as you use it over time. In short, it "tries harder".
Jim Meade
Software Reviewer
Reprinted from HR Magazine

Does People-Trak have reporting capabilities?

The software provides the capability of creating an unlimited number of uniquely designed reports, incorporate mail merge features, and has import/export features compatible with word processors and spreadsheets.
Billie Marney
Chocolate Bayou FCU
Reprinted from Credit Union Technology

People-Trak comes with many preprogrammed reports, and you can pull them up and tweak them a little bit. I didn’t even have to program them from scratch.
Laila Allen
Human Resources Manager
Cardiff Software, Inc.
Reprinted from HR Magazine

Is it easy to learn?

I replaced someone who was new at using People-Trak, too, so no one knew the program. But the program is very straight forward – I trained on it in just a couple of days.
Howard Hicks
Human Resources Assistant
Anaheim General Hospital
Reprinted from Advance for Health Information Technology

How user-friendly is People-Trak?

With People-Trak it is very easy to move around in the records and customize a report. For example, every month the city manager likes to know who is having a birthday. People-Trak lets us do everything from create a simple report like that to performing a highly complicated search. It’s just very easy to use.
Michelle Naylor
Admin. Assistant to City Manager
City of Sedona

The use of People-Trak has given our small agency the benefit of a very functional database that was easily customized to fit our particular needs. . . . Please extend our thanks and appreciation to your company officers and to your technical assistants.
Kathy Larios
Director of Personnel
New Directions Northwest, Inc.

Is People-Trak a good Investment?

People-Trak is the best value in HRIS on the market, for a very, very reasonable price.
Jeff Blau MBA / SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Nercon Engineering
Reprinted from HR Magazine

Does People-Trak offer Training?

I set up a training session with Judy Brannen in September. Judy was patient, thorough and we had lots of laughs; . . . Upon completion, I was absolutely thrilled with the potential of this product . . . .
Billie Marney
Chocolate Bayou FCU
Reprinted from Credit Union Technology

I have data in another application, can People-Trak convert it?

Thank you so much for all your help. You will never know how much I appreciate all you did. By converting those files the amount of time in work that was saved on my end is tremendous. . . . Thanks again.
Leigh Burrage
Human Resources Assistant
Cypress Inn

Does People-Trak have good Technical Support?

People-Trak is my life line in managing my employees. I am very pleased with the [technical] service. . . . Thank you very much from one very satisfied customer.
Tina Murell
Distribution Manager
Online Fulfillment Services

Oops! I think I may have pulled yet another stupid user trick that can only be solved by the technical support Gods at Technical Difference. . . . PLEASE CALL ME ASAP to help us save the day and get me out of hot water with my staff!!!
Ellen Kerr
Human Resources Manager
Springfield/Greene County Library


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