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People-Trak is a powerful and flexible solution for most human resource needs. However, the reality of business is that many organizations have changing and/or unique needs. That’s where custom programming services are important.

In this department, we do all types of programming tasks to integrate the needs of our customers with our existing product. We have performed hundreds of data conversions ranging from simple text files to full conversions of the databases from competitive products. The basic rule is this: If it is in some type of electronic format, we can get it into People-Trak.

Beside data conversions, we are also responsible for developing new payroll interfaces for both payroll services and payroll software products. We have a library of ‘standard’ interfaces and we write others on a regular basis. Once again, if you have payroll data in an electronic form, we can usually move it back and forth between Payroll and HR.

Occasionally we take on tasks that are unrelated to People-Trak. We have recently completed an entirely new application for publishing "land use and appraisal data". The application replaces a DOS product that was aging badly. Our customer is happy and his customers are happy. A sample list of projects recently completed are listed below:

  • DOS to Windows conversion of Payroll Data Entry software.
  • Payroll interface for CYMA Payroll Software.
  • Lobby based Applicant Entry for a large school district.
  • Custom changes to Applicant Management for a Temporary service.
  • Custom changes to Personnel Management to support international business.
  • Complete new application for publishing Appraisal and Land Sale Information.
  • Large data conversion for a local shipping company.

We always have projects in the works so… if you have a need or requirement in mind, just give me a call at 1-800-809-5731 or Email us at [email protected].

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