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Many companies claim to have an integrated HRMS but People-Trak truly delivers. Combined with the Personnel modules and the Applicant modules described below, People-Trak provides a powerful, fully integrated HRMS that allows you to maximize your HR data control and output while minimizing your input and cost.

Applicant Management combines three separate elements that provide an in-depth, professional solution for recruiting and hiring. Key features are:

Integrated Job Descriptions, Requisitions and Applicants– Combines a complete job description module and a job requisitions module with a powerful applicant tracking module. The result is an integrated solution that simplifies recruiting and ensures the proper placement of qualified candidates. Job descriptions and requisition tracking ensure that the open position and its requirements are fully defined and applicant tracking ensures that the candidate meets the requirements defined.

Job Profiles– Enables you to create ADA compliant job descriptions for each position. For recruiting purposes, you can use these descriptions to instantly create job requisitions.

Requisition Detail– Fully defines the objectives and requirements for the open position. The job screen tracks the job title, EEO category, location, department, salary grade, and more. The requirements screen tracks education and other requirements. The skills screen tracks the skills required to perform the job. Finally, a general information screen tracks details about the requisition itself including open and close dates, hiring manager, and a space to record the name of the candidate hired.

Applicant Demographics and EEO– Each applicant record provides complete demographic and EEO information. This information allows you to complete all types of correspondence and EEO reports.

Multiple Positions Applied For– Since applicants often apply for more than one position, Applicant Management allows you to record multiple positions within the same applicant record. This eliminates redundancy and provides a complete applicant profile for accurate recruiting and reporting.

Background and Skills– For detailed background checks and to verify that skills and educational requirements are met, Applicant Management tracks past work experience, references, education history and skills.

Offers and Acceptance– As candidates move through the selection process, Applicant Management tracks positions offered, contingencies, drug test dates, and any position accepted, if applicable.

And since Applicant Management is fully integrated with Personnel Management, candidates can be moved from applicant files to personnel files with just a few keystrokes or vice versa – employees moved to applicant files. True integration! True price/performance!

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