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People-TrakTM LT Series

The People-Trak LT Series is a collection of affordable software modules that perform a variety of in-depth human resources management tasks. Each of the People-Trak LT products is based on the same powerful "engine" that provides a wealth of standard features including:

Reports and Report Writer– Each LT series product includes an extensive number of pre-defined reports. In most cases, you can control both appearance and content – adding your own company masthead and logo for example. In addition, you can produce an unlimited number of custom reports with the included, easy-to-use, ad-hoc report writer.

Forms and Labels– Each module allows you to create documents for forms and labels. Simply merge the contents of any field in the database with your text to create a specific form or label in the format you want. Most Avery® products and other competitive brand forms and labels are supported.

Letter Generator– This feature enables you to rapidly generate letters to any employee or applicant without losing the personal touch. Merge any field in the database with your pre-existing text. Consider sending welcome aboard letters, invitation letters, rejection letters, drug test schedules and more with just a few keystrokes. Increase your visibility while decreasing your workload!

Import/Export– An inherent part of the LT Series is the ability to exchange information with other Windows®-based applications. Using Import you can import data from other sources including databases and Excel® spreadsheets. Using Export, you can export data from People-Trak to Excel, Word®, etc.

Global Data Change– Global Data Change enables you to make mass changes to the database simply and quickly. The dreaded zip code or area code change can be done in seconds, not hours.

Customization– People-Trak software enables you to modify field names, report headings, help lines, and multi-line help text so that the product meets your specific needs. This is accomplished simply and easily by yourself without the need for outside service providers.

Security– People-Trak offers security at a number of different levels. You can define and protect programs, individual fields, and individual records using up to 99 different levels. In addition, People-Trak provides a System Access Log so that you can determine if any unauthorized users have attempted to access the records.

Network Capable– People-Trak LT Series has the flexibility and power to run on all networks including Windows 95®, Windows NT®, Novell® and peer-to-peer.

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