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The People-Trak product line includes a number of options that allow you to incrementally increase its power and capabilities. With just a few exceptions, most of the options are included in the HRMS product.

Payroll Interfaces
HRMS, LT-Personnel

A number of payroll interfaces have been developed to link payroll data to People-Trak. Each interface is unique because each payroll software product or payroll service is unique. Some interfaces are bi-directional and some are not. The list below is representative. For the latest information contact at us 1-800-809-5731 or E-mail us at: [email protected].

Payroll Processors

Many others

Accounting Packages

Many Others


We have written a number of other interfaces based on specific files produced by the customer. In some instances, these files were produced by an accounting package with an export function. (We have facilitated Ceridian interfaces in this fashion).

Our policy on new payroll interface is that we can investigate the possibility of creating an interface if the customer/prospect can provide us with a sample file(s) and a record layout for that file. Newly developed interfaces are normally charged the standard payroll interface price listed on the price-list.

This feature is needed by organizations that are using a payroll software package or a payroll service and wish to avoid the duplicate data entry that occurs between payroll and personnel.

Multi-user Option
HRMS, LT Series

Enables People-Trak to be used by an unlimited number of simultaneous users on a local or wide area network.

This feature is needed by organizations that must have more than one user accessing People-Trak simultaneously. It is NOT needed for organizations who simply wish to install the software on a network for a single user.

Advanced Record Based Security
HRMS (included)

Allows you to specifically define which records can be accessed by each user. A "filter" is created and saved for each user. When the user logs in, the filter is executed to create a list of the valid records. All further access is limited to that list of employees. For example, the accounting manager could be granted access to the employees in the accounting department, but not to the employees in other departments. Likewise, the inventory manager could be limited to employees in the inventory department. The ability to filter the records is extremely flexible and powerful.

This feature is typically needed by organizations where users other than the HR staff will be using People-Trak or where the HR staff is large enough to require advanced security.

Corporate Consolidation
HRMS (included)

The People-Trak LT series is limited to three pre-defined databases: ACTIVE, ARCHIVE, and DEMO. Records can be moved between the databases as needed, but in a limited fashion. With the Consolidation feature in the HRMS system, you can define as many databases as you wish and records can be moved between the databases in a very flexible manner. You can create separate databases for different divisions and roll them up for consolidated reporting, or you can extract databases from a central database for satellite offices.

This feature is typically needed by organizations that wish to track separate sites or divisions in separate databases.

Image Management
HRMS (included in coming release)

With this feature you can acquire, display and print any number of images per record. For example, you can acquire I-9 documents, performance reviews, a photograph, pay stubs for an employee or a resume, application form, and ID for an applicant. You can acquire full color or simple black and white images and then review them with gallery tool and print them whenever needed.

This feature is typically needed by organizations that need to have key documents instantly available for review and printing. Images require more disk space than data and thus the appropriate committment to a reasonably large disk drive must be made.

Personnel/Applicant Integrator
HRMS (included)

This feature integrates the Personnel and Applicant modules from the HRMS product so that records can be easily moved between personnel and applicants and between applicants and personnel. This is not available to the LT series.

System Requirements or Pricing

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