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People-Trak HR software makes more possible with comprehensive HR data management, powerful insight through reports, & streamlined HR and business processes.

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Centralize your employee data.

Give spreadsheets the boot.
With People-Trak HRIS, all your employee data is out of spreadsheets and filing cabinets, and safe and sound in one centralized system made for HR. People-Trak HRIS software offers comprehensive tracking for the HR needs of small and midsize businesses. Plus, it offers the flexibility to meet your company's unique needs.

Find what you're looking for, when you need it.
Human Resources software offers all the advantages of centralized data: easy lookup, easy reporting, easy maintenance. You won't wonder where your data is, because People-Trak makes it easy to find what you're looking for the moment you need it.

HRIS Employee Personal Screen

Personal & Demographic Info

HRIS Compensation Management

Compensation History

HRIS Time-off Calendar

Time-Off Management

HRIS Benefit Administration

Benefit Administration

HRIS COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration

HRIS Position Control

Position Details

It’s everything you need in an HRIS.
People-Trak integrates your core HR functions in one comprehensive HR Information System (HRIS).
And it can be scaled to suit your needs. Modules include:

Personnel Management

The hub of your HR information management; manage records for all your current & archive employees.

Time & Attendance

Manage and track employee time-off. Set up an unlimited number of accrual accounts.

Compensation Management

Standardize compensation levels, and track each employee’s complete compensation history.

Safety Management

Track incidents and accidents, claim details, and print OSHA reports.

Training Administration

Set up training programs, track resources, instructors, and who attends, and even set pre-requisites.

Benefits Administration

Manage different benefit plans and levels, including future enrollment.

COBRA Administration

Track COBRA recipients and payment history.

Performance Management

Keep the performance review process running smoothly, and store all supporting details.

Document Management

A secure, searchable electronic repository for all your HR documents, and more.

Position Control

An integrated way to store all details for every position in your company.

Applicant Management

Track your applicants, all the way through hiring or rejection.


Improve processes and keep info up to date with Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.

Career Center

Career Center is the front end through which applicants apply for open positions.

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Gain insight with reports.

Gain insight to address problem areas.
Reports can affect your bottom line by helping you address absence trends, loss of productivity, or turnover. People-Trak HR software provides reports to help with each of these high-cost areas.

Deliver value to your organization.
People-Trak HRIS can instantly generate government reports like EEO or OSHA. But don't stop there. You can provide valuable insight to the CFO with detailed reports for benefit costs, compensation trends, or training costs. Or provide a compensation history report to a manager when an employee asks for a raise.

Employee Directory Report

Employee Directory Report

HR Report - Salary by Department

“Average Salary by Department” Adhoc Report

EEO Report

Instant EEO Reports

Safety Incident Pie Chart

“Safety Incident by Body Part” Report

OSHA 301 Report sample

OSHA 301 Report

Address Labels

Employee Address Labels, Avery 5160

Letter Templates

“Welcome Aboard” Letter Template

Easily create custom reports.
The People-Trak report writer is the best combination of ease-of-use and reporting capability that you will find in an HR system. It’s easy and intuitive to query the information you need, and set report definitions on the fly. You get over 200 ready-to-run report templates, as well as simple to generate, limitless custom reports.

Export as needed.
The People-Trak document viewer allows you to export your reports in a variety of popular formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, JPG or HTML. This enables you to do what you want with your data.

Create letters & labels.
The People-Trak Letter/Label Editor allows you to create and save custom letters and labels for your company that contain any information from your employee database.

Customize your output.
People-Trak output goes beyond the basic reports of other HR systems. The Form Editor allows you to create custom forms to lay out your data how you want it, and change font, colors, and branding.

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Streamline HR, save time & money.

Jumpstart your day-to-day routines.
People-Trak makes more possible. With our incredible features, People-Trak saves your organization time, while making your Human Resource processes easier, more accurate, and more efficient.

Keep your workforce on track.
People-Trak won't let things get swept under the rug. By setting automated alerts, you can remind yourself and your team of upcoming deadlines. For example, notify a manager when an employee is due for an annual performance review, or remind an employee when a license is expiring. Alerts make an immediate impact on your organization and your daily life, and give you the confidence that your business is compliant and on track.

People-Trak offers powerful features to streamline HR.

Spend less time on data-entry.
Batch processing allows you to enter data in batches, saving you time when you have lots of data entry to do (i.e. for salary changes, employee attendance, training classes, or medical exams).

Use your personal touch.
Never miss an opportunity to show appreciation to your employees. People-Trak will remind you of upcoming anniversaries and birthdays. (Extra points: People-Trak could even email your CEO with the employee’s photo attached, so he or she can stop by!)

Communicate more effectively.
Business hinges on effective communication. Keep your workforce connected and informed with People-Trak’s email tools. And with schedule triggers, you can schedule regular email updates to your managers.

Reduce risk.
Proper documentation is essential to helping avoid litigation. People-Trak stores your notes in one place, and can save attachments such as PDFs, JPGs, and even MP3s. Also rest assured that you have an audit trail for any changes made to the system along the way.

Work easily with Payroll.
Double data-entry costs you time. A People-Trak interface eliminates double data-entry, and gives you peace of mind that your payroll data and HR data are synchronized.

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Customize People-Trak to fit your needs.

People-Trak Strategic HR Software

Get the right fit today.
If you need more than a one-size-fits-all approach to HR software, you've come to the right place. Even smaller companies need the advantages of basic customization. That’s why People-Trak offers all companies the ability to customize fields and attributes, and turn screens on or off for different users. But we don't stop there. People-Trak Strategic HR features offer the ability to create custom screens, workflows, and approval processes to fit your unique needs.

Strategic HR Features

People-Trak's Strategic HR features are designed to give small & midsize businesses all the advantages of a customized HR system, without expensive consultants.

Be prepared for tomorrow.
Any old HR system can track basic employee info. If you need a system with the functionality to meet your needs today, streamline your work, and help you respond to tomorrow’s challenges, Strategic HR is for you. It offers a toolkit to meet a wide variety of business needs.

Custom Screens.
When you create a custom screen, you define the elements that go on the screen (like fields, buttons, and pictures), and their order. These are the building blocks to custom workflows.

Electronic Forms.
People-Trak electronic forms allow HR to clear the clutter by replacing your paper forms with electronic equivalents. This also helps to eliminate data-entry errors and ensures consistent data.

Custom Workflows.
People-Trak offers custom workflows to fit how your company actually works. And People-Trak is a multi-user application, so your team can collaborate, and save more time!

Derived Fields.
Derived fields can be used to create fields with custom calculations. For example, create a “current dollar value of PTO” field (PTO Hours available x hourly pay), and put it on a custom screen or report.

Process Triggers.
Strategic HR also offers advanced process triggers. These can be used to automate a wide variety of processes within your custom workflows.

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Get help & expertise with Support.

Comprehensive support program.
Because you have a lot on your plate, you can count on real support via phone, email, or our website. From implementation to ongoing education, we offer a comprehensive support program.

Never outsourced.
The People-Trak team loves to see companies succeed with our product. That's why we commit to supporting you right from our headquarters in San Diego, CA. And by renewing your Support Plan annually, we'll have your back for the long run. So whether you need advice on the best way to automate a process, or just need last-minute help with a report, we’re here for you.

People-Trak Technical Support

Assigned representative.
Each company is assigned a personal Support Representative, so you know who to call when you have a question. Plus, your representative will reach out regularly to ensure People-Trak continues to meet your company's needs.

Ongoing education and tips.
We offer ongoing education in the form of short 1-hour classes on particular features, as well as individualized instruction with a trainer. You can also review our short video Quick Tips that keep you up to date on the latest People-Trak features.

Free updates & upgrades.
By participating in our Support program, you will receive all relevant product updates and major upgrades free of charge.

Support website.
Access the People-Trak Support website for the latest information, and download documentation, or review FAQ. Even review your support representative’s schedule and request a call.

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Over 20 years of customer success.

People-Trak HRIS software is the choice of private, government, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Everyday, People-Trak helps Human Resources departments in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, (whew!), technology, education, business services, and more.

quote I’m not a techie, so I was relieved when I found People-Trak very user friendly. We easily customized the People-Trak system to fit our needs. It enables us to easily run our own reports… any information tracked in any field can be pulled out as a report!”

Connie Bernard, Fiscal Officer
Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office

quote People-Trak is hands down the most user friendly and cost effective HRIS system I’ve used. The custom table building features, along with its easy to generate and limitless report builder, give it a significant edge over its competition.”

Jamie Linkous, SPHR, HR Director
Concept Packaging Group

quote People-Trak could write a book on superior customer service. I have one designated support rep, which is my direct contact whenever I have questions…”

Julie Serres, HR Manager
InnSight Hotel Management Group

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