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Program Provides Fast Access to Arizona City Employee Records

When the City of Sedona first incorporated in 1988, the staff was small enough that no one gave a thought to automating human resource information.

As the number of employees grew though, the City Manager’s office started looking for quick ways to locate the increasing amount of employee information. About four years ago, Jan Proctor, Assistant City Manager for Sedona’s Human Resources Department, asked the city’s computer technician to write a program to perform the basic functions for a staff that numbered around 50. Rather than create a proprietary program that might be prone to compatibility and upgrading problems, the technician recommended installing People-Trak software from Technical Difference, Inc., Bonsall, Calif.

Because there were so few employees, getting the software up and running was relatively simple. Initial data was input, then fine tuned to get the program operating to the city’s specifications.

"Now that we’re up to more than 90 employees, it’s still very easy to use," Proctor says. "We just enter all the information when an employee hires on, then update things such as addresses, evaluation dates, job specifications, as needed. When an employee leaves, we simply move the file to the archive section, where we can still access the information any time. We’re very pleased with it."

Michele Naylor, administrative assistant to the city manager agrees. "We can extract just about anything we need to know," Naylor says. "Every month the city manager likes to know who is having a birthday. People-Trak lets us do everything from create a simple report like that to performing a highly complicated search."

Naylor pulls monthly reports for employees due for evaluation and annual lists of license numbers, which are sent to the state’s motor vehicles department to check employee driving records. In addition, employees can get quick answers to questions about vacations and sick leave, all from a single, central source.
"It’s just very easy to use," Naylor says.

Reprinted from Government Product News, March, 2000.

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