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General Product and Sales Questions? The fastest way to find out what you need to know!

Just check out the FAQ Table below, then "click-on" the area of concern. If you still don’t find what you need to know please give us a call at – 1-800-809-5731. If you want to hear how our users would answer these questions, click here.

General Questions…

What are the System Specifications Network Version? Do you operate on a WAN?
Do you have a payroll or accounting interface? Can People-Trak be customized? Can I get programming services?
What type of security
is offered ?
How often are
Updates and Upgrades?
Can I get references?
Are you open to
product feedback?
Do I need expensive
Do you provide
Technical Support?
What does it cost? How can you sell for
so much less?
Can I get a Demo? 

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