Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a network version of People-Trak?
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The single-user version of People-Trak can be run on both stand-alone computers and on network systems. The multi-user version of People-Trak allows multiple users simultaneous access on network systems. To find out which network systems are compatible with People-Trak, check our System Specs.

Do you operate on a WAN?
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People-Trak has a WAN version that can be run on both dedicated WAN lines or on dial-up WANs. You do not need to install Citrix Server, or any other systems to make it work. For pricing on People-Trak WAN, call 800-809-5731 or e-mail

How can you sell a full-featured HRIS for so much less than the competition?
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The primary reason is technology. Technical Difference has proven it can develop products at a lower cost and in less time than other software providers. We call this technological factor the Technical Difference (hence our corporate name).

Can I get references?
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We have a long list of satisfied customers in a variety of industries using People-Trak today. To read some comments from our users, you can click on our User Comments link. If during your evaluation of People-Trak, you would like specific references, please call for assistance. We would be happy to provide you with references in your industry, size, or region.

Do you have interface programs?
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We have interface programs for a number of payroll services and accounting packages. Our import and export programs are included with People-Trak and can be used to facilitate your own interfaces. Our technical staff is available to assist your staff in the creation of any necessary programs.

Can People-Trak be customized?
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Many of the modules provide user-defined fields. These fields can be used to store information that my be unique in your organization. In addition, People-Trak allows you to change the name of any field so that you can use it for another purpose. You cannot, however, change the type or length of a field. When fields are changed, you can also change the report headings, help lines, and help messages.

Can I obtain programming services?
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We provide additional services for programming, data conversion, and custom interfaces on a project basis. For specifics e-mail our Sales Department or call Kim Sayre, our Sales Manager, at 1-800-809-5731 if you have specific requirements.

What type of security does People-Trak offer?
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People-Trak offers security at a number of different levels. You can define and protect modules, databases, programs, individual fields, and individual records using up to 99 different levels. Advanced security to protect records based on a specific query can also be implemented. People-Trak also provides auditing of every database change.

In addition, People-Trak provides a system access log so that you can determine if any unauthorized users have attempted to access your records.

How often are updates and upgrades released?
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We plan a major upgrade about once every 14 to 16 months. We perform updates as required.

Will I need expensive training?
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The fastest way to maximize your investment in People-Trak is to attend one of our 2-Day Introductory Courses. Training is available in a variety of cost-effective forms. Many companies come to our corporate facility for the best rates on training. If you have a staff of several people who need to be trained, then you may want to bring us out to you. Click through to our Training page to see what is available.

Are you open to product feedback?
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We are not only open to feedback, we request it. Most of the new features and enhancements in our upgrades are based on ideas from our customers. We review each idea to determine if it is specific to the customer or a general feature that can help all of our customers. When a feature belongs in the product, we add it.

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